About Music Vice Magazine

Music Vice is an independent publication first launched in the UK in 2002 by editor and founder Brian Banks. Since 2009 Music Vice has been permanently headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada. Now based in Canada, we have a strong focus on music in Toronto but cover music internationally, with writers in three continents.

The aim of Music Vice has always to been to provide coverage of music that we feel is worth hearing about – from the best new unsigned bands to the biggest artists. We have a strong focus on independent artists, which is part of our culture as an independently-ran publication: hence our tagline, ‘Long Live Indie’.  When reviewing concerts or albums, our reviews are meant to be both opinionated objective. We do not resort to star ratings or judging a band with a mark out of 5, but instead, for fun, we have our own unique “In One Word” rating system which complements every review. We deliver our opinions on music in “One Word And The Truth”.

The editor’s mandate has always been ‘quality not quantity’: we put thought and research into every story you see on this website: not everything is newsworthy and not every artist is worth talking about.

As of 2010 we now cover music globally from our team of writers and photographers in North America, the UK, and Australia. Our current readership has grown to over 60,000 unique visitors per month – if you are interested in supporting us through sponsorship or advertising then please get in touch by contacting the editor Brian Banks.

If you enjoy the site and our content then please help spread the word sharing a link to our site on your blog, band website or personal homepage.

Yes, independent. We aren’t owned by a big media corporation or anything like that. We are 100% DIY with our roots in the zine culture that we were born from. That also means we’re 100% self-supported (if you want to help us out by means of sponsorship, advertising or attempted bribery then please get in touch – more below).

You can also help by simply telling a friend about this site if you like it or maybe add a link to it on your homepage, blog or Facebook.

Who writes this stuff?
A fantastic team of contributing writers, photographers and others, based in the UK, Canada, Australia and USA. Most of our writers are either Journalism, Media, Art or Photography graduates: we are all passionate about music and enjoy championing new music. We do this first and foremost out of our love and addiction to music (hence our name, Music Vice), and secondly for the experience. If you are interested in being a Music Vice contributor, then please get in touch.

As an independent, 100% DIY publication we fully welcome advertising. Banner rates and bookings can be arranged by contacting us. Contact us here.

It’s not our intention nor the reason we do this but in case you wondered, running Music Vice costs money, rather than making any. I’ve been running this show for 10 years out of my own pocket. Everything on this website is free to read and enjoy. If you would like to make a contribution, anything would be appreciated. A Paypal link is below. Thanks – Brian Banks, Editor


Can I send you my band’s CD for a review?

Yeah! We accept physical or digital music submissions for review consideration. Full-length EPs and albums only, please – no singles. Our address and e-mail contact can be found on our Contact page.

Favourite Pop Tart?

The chocolate and marshmallow mix one.


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