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J. Francis is a freelance music critic that sprouted like an unsightly growth from the suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area and eventually ended up in Kingston, Ontario. He is a man of deliriously firm, contradictory convictions, with a life-long dream of dismantling high-art/low-art hierarchies. He loves pop music with a passion that many find unsettling and is often mistaken as being somehow ironic or insincere (nothing could be further from the truth). His favourite album is Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell. He knows that you think that's ridiculous. Regardless, he hopes you have a good day.

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Album review: Biljanaires – The End of September EP

March 23, 2012
Biljanaires - End of September EP artwork

Title: The End of September Artist: Biljanaires Label: Self-Released Released: March 2012 In One Word: Confused Biljanaires are a band. Their (self-written, I assume) artist bio on their Reverb Nation site describes themselves thusly: “Biljanaires are a Rock/Alternative group from Vancouver BC, Canada. Their style of Hard Rock and Alternative influences,...
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