ASAP Rocky can dream of dinosaurs punching lizard people and God is okay with it

January 24, 2016
Source: The hypothetical archives.

Source: The hypothetical archives.

I sit in my room in the midst of my periodic dream state and realize I am wide awake working on this assignment before I know what is going to happen as I hear this ASAP beat echo outwards; into a world I feel is only taunting me to fall asleep and listen.

I wake up inside my sleep with a dangerous feeling deep down. I know I have to hunt and I open up my mind to the flowing resonances around me that are causing my eyes to tickle.

I see the flow and for a second I realize that all directions that I could take this experience are equally resolvable according to the laws of music and harmony.

But it already happened, I heard this song a while ago and it hadn’t left any impression on my face it just made me feel like everything was moving really slow.

And then it hit me hard and I realized all the silence in the background.

And the journey I had taken but not believed was now just a Vine loop of me riding a Harley with ski goggles listening to dogs bark in colour.

And it was a self sustaining dream that I couldn’t change and it just lifted me awake.

Now I’m just sitting here a normal student writing my education into a voice for the people and a voice for an artist that allowed me to connect on a deeper level with somebody who I only know as a model of the wild natural life.

And I realize that connection is partly because we are all dreaming that same savage dream of being out in uncharted territory and feeling like the jungle has eyes.

But then we see the flame of civilization and we are all brought back to love the beat.

And all of this happened during the time I listened to an ASAP Rocky song about multiplication.

A process that is at the core of reality and becomes inescapable when you realize there is a lot in between fairy twinkle goddess orgy moans and ASAP Rocky posted up on a wall thinking about how he can hear Baghdad in his nightmares so instead of trying to see it all at once you may find you try to multiply it and find what it really means.

It was a crazy experience and I will never forget how real I can feel with somebody who just seems like another face with a different feeling to give me.

And their faces in the video are all full of pure radiation. As if the only purpose is to connect and shake.

Shaking is what my mind is doing.

I heard that drop in the corner of my soul where I keep my candles and lighters.

This is why I like to think about God.

Because he could be so fucking awesome that we just don’t understand what kind of a cool dancer he is especially when we add music that makes you feel like you are tribe dreaming.


I wrote all of this without paying attention to whether or not what I said would resonate with all of the fears in my mind about meditation and exploring dreams.

There are no limits to how a story can progress once you have started realizing the dreaminess of nature.

It brings a tear to somebody’s eye when they realize the other side is reflecting them right back with a smile.

And when the rest is just a sweet ride that makes you feel like God is truly giving you some kind of secret handshake then you just close your eyes and see stars for a bit.

ASAP Rocky has done a lot for us. And he did it all because he wanted to start with himself.

And “even in my will, keep it trill?” WHAT?! This is witchcraft.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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