How to be in a band

February 27, 2012

Found yourself owning an instrument and getting together to make music with several like-minded friends but not quite sure how to do the whole band thing? Here’s a guide!! How to be in a band:

Thanks to Dan Cleavers for the art – original Photoshop abomination by me, here.

The above wisdom comes from our favourite Highland hardcore poser boys Cleavers, from Scotland. Cleavers are a band on the rise and they are making some mega progress right now.

Cleavers are set to be played tonight on Daniel P Carter’s BBC Radio 1 Rock Show from 00:00 until 2am GST London time, 28 February. Daniel is expected to give Cleavers a play during tonight’s show, which features guests New Found Glory in session. You can listen live online using BBC’s iPlayer.

Check out the new video by Cleavers, “Hulk Hands (Cryin’ into my cafetiere)”:

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