Editorial Pissings #2 – NXNE footie player news and my training progress… Impossible Is Nothing

May 27, 2010

Editorial Pissings - Rants, raves n' randoms from the desk of Music Vice editor Brian Banks

NXNE Football – Player details announced… ‘The Rockers’ take on ‘The World’
Details have been announced today of the players competing at the Right To Play charity football match at this year’s North By North East music festival in Toronto.

The musicians team, The Rockers, features coach Eon Sinclair (Bedouin Soundclash) and their line-up includes Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene and Murray Foster of Great Big Sea.

The media team, The World, features Tonight Canada’s Rick Campanelli as well as other including journalists from the Globe and Mail, National Post and 102.1 The Edge. Oh, and yours truly of course. The star is Canadian Olympic medallist Adam van Koeverden, a sprint kayaker … I think the strategy will be to just give Adam the ball at any opportunity! He will undoubtedly be much fitter than anyone else on the pitch, and hey, he has Dutch heritage so maybe he also has some of that Dennis Bergkamp flair … who remembers this wondergoal from World Cup ’98? That sublime defence-splitting pass from Frank de Boer and then, well, just listen to the rather excited Dutch commentator for a clue of how special that goal was from Bergkamp.

I now have my own sponsor page
Each player at the NXNE ‘Put The Boot In’ footie match now has their own sponsor page to raise funds for the charity Right To Play. The money raised will help provide kids with the opportunity to play sports. This is the whole point of the NXNE soccer. If you would like to sponsor my participation in the match, here’s the link: http://righttoplay.akaraisin.com/p/banks.aspx Any donations to the cause will be much appreciated! The fundraising goal for each player is set to $100 but of course it’d be nice to raise over and above that mount. Every $50 raised helps one kid play sports for a year.

‘Impossible Is Nothing’ – My training so far…
So, with three and half weeks to go now until the big match, I have began training for my participation in the NXNE  footie match. On Saturday I bought a football which came in packaging adorned with Adidas’ current advertising slogan “Impossible Is Nothing” – that marketing proverb is one of the few straws I am clutching to in terms of being able to get to a level to be of any use other than just comedic relief in this match.

On Sunday night I had a kick about at a field beside the University of Toronto. It’s pretty much been about 10 years since I last kicked a football and I guess somewhere along the way I forgot just how dire I am at the sport – gangly pasty Scots like me can truly make the Beautiful Game look ugly, but it’s still a lot of fun. At the very least, I can hit the ball pretty hard sometimes – although getting it to go in the direction I want is another story. The highlight of my Sunday night training was being chased around the park by some big dog (it sounded big anyway, and I wasn’t gonna stop to find out) – hey, at least the pooch got me running!

On Monday I woke up keen and did 400 crunches – but any good that did was likely cancelled out by the Cadbury Crunchie I ate for breakfast afterwards. I’ll have to work on my crunches, minus the Crunchies.

Music Vice editor Brian Banks playing football in training for the NXNE charity soccer match

I had another kick around on Tuesday evening at another pitch in Toronto, this one surrounded by a running track. A jogger came over and we played around for a bit. I didn’t catch the bloke’s name but I realised at this moment just how out of shape I am. This guy could run and also had some actual ability with a football… though he was later upstaged by a dog-walker and his two collies, one of which looked like Lassie and had better ball control than anyone.

So, in summary, my fitness needs a LOT of work. I’m happy to say that my local independent gym 99 Sudbury have been really generous and cool – they have offered me free use of their facilities to help me prepare for this match. I had a tour of their gym on Tuesday and they have some awesome heavy-duty gym gear, as well as a punchbag for some Rocky-esque training moments. I’ll start making use of the gym today and you’ll hear about how I get on in my next editorial.

Long Weekend Musical Misadventures
Oft times, the bright city lights and crass sounds can lead me astray. This entire weekend (a long one here in Canada) proved to be another such occasion. And so, sometime on Saturday night, I found myself at the Rivoli in Toronto without planning on being there. I had thoughts of being elsewhere on Queen, a little further west. My apologies to A Primitive Evolution. By accident I stumbled across a curious septivalent musical collective named Pure Finesse. Quite a mad little band, they are.

I don’t think I could ever tired of the endless happy accidents I encounter on my music-seeking adventures throughout this city…

Final Thought
It was 32 degrees C in Toronto yesterday and shaping up to be similarly scorching today. Back home (Scotland) we would call this an extreme heatwave… actually, we’d call this an oven! Anyway, it’s nice to see all the smiling happy people walking around in the glow of the sun – cue R.E.M.!

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6 Responses to Editorial Pissings #2 – NXNE footie player news and my training progress… Impossible Is Nothing

  1. Jake on May 27, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Ahhhhhhhh, that goal!!! Bergkamp was a total legend of total football, best Arsenal player ever IMO.

  2. Heats on May 27, 2010 at 4:40 pm

    lol i hope you get better than the dog…otherwise you can get the dog to go into the game under your name. No? ok :S

  3. Chris on May 28, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    haha, this is awesome. maybe Lassie is better than you at football but so long your on the side with the olympic champion then I think you should be ok!!

  4. Natascha Malta on May 29, 2010 at 10:11 am

    It’s funny that you accidentally ended up at the Rivoli to see Pure Finesse. My buddy plays sax for that band. I don’t sister and I were the two girls at the back rocking out to Dana Jean.

    Good luck with the training. You’ll tear up the green.

  5. Richan on May 29, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    That goal was the ultimate, I don’t believe it can be bettered. Anybody who bleeds Oranje still dreams of this goal.

    greetz from NED

  6. Michael Bowser on May 30, 2010 at 8:31 am

    If you wanna do the full “Rocky” thing, you’re not only gonna have to give up the Crunchies, but learn to love raw egg yolks. Just play “Eye Of The Tiger” every time you do it, that’ll make it all less agonising and more triumphant!!!

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