Indie music writer, artist? It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle

April 15, 2012

Editorial Pissings - Rants, raves n' randoms from the desk of Music Vice editor Brian Banks

Stop Press… after running Music Vice for nearly 10 years, I just made my first $10.

Please hold your subdued applause and muted giggles. I’m totally serious.

Our first donation

$10 might not sound like much but it’s the thought that counts, absolutely. I am sincerely pleased and grateful to a Mr James Moore whose donation is the first ever received by Music Vice. Many online magazines and blogs asks their readers for ‘tips’ or patron fees to help keep them alive: just two months ago, in February 2012, I decided to add a Paypal donation link on – although you probably didn’t notice it. The donation button can be found rather hidden away in our About page.

Running a global online indie music magazine costs me a fair slice of money and a whole lot of time to operate. I made the decision to add the Paypal donate button per chance that one or two of our readers may show us some indie love and chip in with a few dollars to help support what we do here at Music Vice. The only other income I receive from running this website are a few dusty peanuts from Google Ads (for example, about $1 per 20,000 impressions…) and, very occasionally, some banner placement from a record label.

Thanks again, Mr Moore. A great feeling of support.

Music journalism, photography, blogging, promoting… even being in a band. It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

I never started Music Vice with the view of making money. What I started as a zine has grown into this great big online indie mag with contributors all over the world, thanks to the power of the Intergod. It’s all about the music. Always will be. It’s a shared addiction between my writers and myself for finding new music to share and champion.

During a coffee meet with a musician friend earlier this week, he compared what I do to being in an indie band. It’s an interesting comparison – ultimately running an indie band or running an indie music blog both require a ton of work and dedication for minimal or zero financial reward. It’s gotta be about the music, man! In the end, you’ve just go to love what you do.

This is not my job; it’s my lifestyle. It’s the same for anybody in this crazy scene. And I learnt a while ago to accept the fact that Rock ‘N Roll Don’t Pay The Rent. Here’s my poem, from 2011, which sums it up as best I can:

Long live indie!

© Brian Banks, Editor, Music Vice

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