Fantastic music mail from around the world

April 16, 2012

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Music mail from around the world

My favourite part of running Music Vice is all the amazing email and mail I receive from bands. Every week my inbox is flooded with hundreds of emails from record labels, publicists, promoters, and from artists themselves. A lot of this is what I call “music spam”: stuff like tour announcements or an announcement about a band releasing a new Single or Youtube video, etc. The good type of music spam, however, is the kind that contains album downloads and advance music. I used to dream of having this kind of access to new music… I will never get bored of receiving free music. Especially all the CDs in jiffy bags that arrive in the MV mailbox every week – that’s the best! Every day is Christmas – sometimes it’s Nintendo Sixty-Four magic, other times it’s a socks and underwear, brutal disappointment.

Music Vice Magazine mail
We receive so many submissions at Music Vice that it is impossible for me to listen to it all. Thankfully, I have some great new writers on board to help get this music heard and reviewed. Be sure to check out our Reviews section for a lot of new reviews from some talented new faces who joined us in March. A few more writers and photographers will be joining us in the next month or so as we gear up for the busy season in summer. Yup, summer is coming! Get excited. Nothing beats summer music festivals. Well, nothing except pissing on the cornflakes of thousands of irate zombie Van Halen fans, perhaps. Oops. (Sorry mum – I even got some flack from my parents too, for that one.) I digress…

Greetings from Greece, Norway, France, Sweden, America and Toronto…

I thought it would be fun to give you a glimpse inside my inbox, and share a sample of all the great letters and music I receive from artists all over the world. Below are some email letters that were sent to Music Vice in the past week – all of the below were direct, personal emails sent via our Contact form. The emails come either from the artist themselves or their representatives, as signed. There is a super diverse range of talented new artists, with letters from Greece, Norway, France, Canada, America and Sweden. Everything from some fantastic French-reggae by the equally fantastically-named Hosny Good Morning Babylones, to Hamilton, Ontario artist Mark Lenover’s songs about struggling with schizophrenia. I have included Youtube or Bandcamp links below each artist’s letter. Lots to discover… enjoy!

Hi, there!

I was introduced to your site by Moshe Rozenberg of the DD/MM/YYYY crew, and I really like your work. I just wanted to let you know that the legendary R. Stevie Moore will be coming to Toronto’s Parts and Labour on Wednesday, May 16th 2012. He will be traveling with Bobby Conn.

From: Workspace Promotions

R. Stevie Moore – “I Like To Stay Home”:


Hello there.

My name is Manolis Moumouzias and I’m a musician. I’m singer, songwriter and I play piano and keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, ukulele, melodica and glockenspiel. I also shoot and direct my music videos.

My inspiration comes from many sources, including great recording artists and engineers through the Pop, R & B, and Funk of Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates. I also draw inspiration from the post-concert tour Beatles and Beach Boys records – when they broke ground with new sounds, new techniques unavailable in concert.

I prefer the Do-It-Yourself approach on making music and videos, ‘cause I want the listener and viewer to get my point of view on everything. I carefully craft the music and lyrics, perform my vision, shooting and directing my own videos and finally mixing and mastering my own work. I describe his music as “Classic Pop meets Funk for a coffee. Smooth Jazz joins and they all call Electro” and I’m constantly striving to better connect musically and lyrically with my audience.

All my music is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 licence so my songs are available for free. So far, I’ve released one full album (Desert of Silence) and one EP (Tired of 01010101 (U)).

Manolis Moumouzias

Manolis Moumouzias – “Desert of Silence”:

Hi! This is Caroline from Paperwings Records (Sweden).
We just released the debut album for Swedish band I Used To Be A Sparrow.
IUTBAS is already getting some really nice feedback about their debut single “Life is good”, whose video premiered earlier this month on MTV New Generation, Sverigesradio and more!

You will find a short story below, plus links to music and video. I really hope you enjoy what you hear and could consider the music for a review or any kind of feature! we can even send you a physical promo (cd) If you prefer that to digital!

Thank you, and keep up the good work 🙂

Paperwings Records

I Used To Be A Sparrow – “Life Is Good”


HOSNY is singer, composer and author. He’s preparing the launch of his 4th Album

His first album, “Radical Fighters”, launched the Reggae movement in France, and was on the top of the charts in France and in England.

He recorded his second album “Unité Universelle” and his third album “Rasta Rebel” between Kingston, Jamaica and Paris with the Wailers, Bob Marley’s musicians.



Hosny Good Morning Babylones – “Day After Day”:


I’m writing on behalf of a Toronto-based urban pop group called Triple Or Nothing. We recently released our debut singles: “T.O. State of Mind” and “Midnight Vice” (for real).

We are looking for an opportunity to have the music reviewed/published with you magazine in anticipation of our national premiere on OMNI (a music video for TO State of Mind). Midnight Vice will also be nationally promoted.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. We’re a group consisting of three individuals of different races and backgroups — coming together to create a unique sound that we believe reflects the Toronto mindset. We write, record and produce all of our music ourselves and would love to bring Toronto to the spotlight. Ultimately, the music has to be solid — and deciding that is up to you.

It’s a critical time for our group, and any help right now will go a very long way.

Thank you for your time. Hope to speak soon.


Triple Or Nothing – “Midnight Vice” (live acoustic):


Ryan here from The Ugly Club, a psych/indie-rock band from New Jersey. I’d love for you to check out our music and videos we’ve put out to consider for feature/review. Aside from our June EP release of “Visions of Tall Girl”, we’ve recently released various live videos of new songs off our upcoming album which you can check out in this message and see some more on our youtube channel. We’ve received praise from, The Music Slut, Listen B4 You Buy, The Deli Magazine & many other blogs/zines as well as surpassing 100k downloads on Frostwire. Last month we also reached our Kickstarter goal of $3k by 216% totaling $6500 in 30 days! Let me know what you think!

Ryan Egan ||
The Ugly Club – Free download via Bandcamp:

Hello, I am a 39 year old/young guitar player that have released my first cd with my own music. Its in cooperation with violinist Bjarte Mo another great musicians from Norway, Serbia, Colombia and Spain. My music have flavor of latin, flamenco, classical and more.

If possible I would like to send you my cd for a review.
Is that ok?

Artist; Asgeir & Mo
Cd-title: Danza de Andalucia
Label: West Audio Productions
Release: January 2012

Also available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Friendly regards

Asgeir Aarøen

Asgeir Aarøen – Minner fra Enerhaug:

‘Hello, I’m a fan of your magazine and I thought you might be interested in hearing a new album from Mark Lenover, an independent Canadian electronic alt-pop artist. His eighth album is called “The Wreckage”, and it is about his ongoing struggle with schizophrenia. We have it available for stream or download at

Let me know what you think, and if it makes an impact, we would appreciate a review. Thanks!

– David Disher

Mark Lenover – “Malice”:

© Brian Banks, Editor, Music Vice

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