Editorial Pissings #1 – My own personal World Cup… Music Vice editor to play at NXNE

May 21, 2010

Editorial Pissings - Rants, raves n' randoms from the desk of Music Vice editor Brian Banks

So, this is a new section of Music Vice. Editorial Pissings will be a regular column which will serve as a space for some stuff that can’t really be covered in other areas of MV, and for plenty of  on or off-topic comment and guttural word vomit from yours truly, Brian Banks, editor and founder of this little corner of the internet.

My Own Personal World Cup
In 20 days the eyes of the world will be on South Africa for the World Cup, the greatest and most-watched sporting event in the world. I’ve already got football fever [that’s ‘soccer’ for those who use the American name for the beautiful game] and can’t wait for 11 June to come around, but sadly for me Scotland did not qualify and it’ll be the third World Cup in a row that we have failed to qualify for. Sadder still, my new second home of Canada had an even more pitiful attempt at qualifying, so they won’t be there either. Boohoo.

Oh, interesting story though from my perspective as a Scotland football fan… The last time we were at the World Cup was way back in 1998 when I was still in the early years of high school in north Scotland. I remember it well because one of my classmates got 15 minutes of fame and became a local hero after he had stripped down to his underpants to rescue two old grannies from their sinking car that they’d somehow landed in a river! Amazing or what?! This guy, Ross Dunn, was thrown into the national spotlight and was rewarded for his heroics by scoring free tickets and travel to France to see Scotland play in the World Cup. Ross was naturally the envy of the entire school, and I’m sure the experience was amazing for him, though if I recall correctly he attended the game where Scotland were dumped out of the World Cup by losing 3-0 to Morocco… damn you Salaheddine Bassir! But hey, World Cup ’98 wasn’t all bad… at least we shocked the world for a moment when we held Brazil 1-1 for 73 minutes, before of course characteristically losing after what had been a trademark ‘heroic’ effort.

So, anyway, there is a point to all my nostalgic digression. Scotland may not be playing at the World Cup, but there will be at least one Scotsman playing football at a major stadium this June: I will be lining up as part of the media team for the “media versus press” charity footie match at this year’s NXNE festival in Toronto! I can’t wait! The game is set to take place at Toronto FC’s BMO Field on Sunday 20 June, which is the last day of the festival and also the same day that Brazil will be playing Ivory Coast in the World Cup – Kaka, eat your heart out! I may have slightly exaggerated my abilities on the pitch when applying for the team: I believe I used the phrase a “killer left foot”, but only time will tell whether I’m a secret weapon at free kicks or if I had just happened to stub my toe in the shower that morning.

I have 29 days left to prepare for the match and I will be documenting my efforts in this new column so look out for that. Each member of the football team will  be fund-raising to raise cash for the charity Right To Play and I will include details of that in my next editorial.

I used to own the soundtrack to Rocky IV and I may have to seek out a new copy to have the perfect music for the Rocky montage-style training moments ahead of me…

The Library Is Your Friend – Recommended Reading
Earlier this week we announced details of the free Fucked Up and $100 gig happening at the Toronto Reference Library on 28 May. The show is in conjunction with Toronto Library’s Make Some Noise campaign, which has the aim of promoting music at the library. I am a keen supporter and user of public libraries and they have been especially useful to be as a newcomer to Canada because most of my music collection is stuck in a box near an airport back in the UK. The library is an excellent resource, and a fully legal one, for getting access to some great music that you add to your own collection by copying the CD to your iTunes and MP3 player – I’ve helped fill many gaping voids in my own digital music library by doing just this. Oh, libraries have books too! Who knew?! There is tons of good music related stuff available including biographies and a whole range of books designed to help those with industry aspirations.

We’re please to help support Toronto Public Library’s campaign and in this column I will feature some recommended reading and musical adventures that you can pursue at Toronto library, and other libraries the world over.

Get In The Van: On The Road With Black Flag by Henry RollinsRecommended reading - Henry Rollins' Get In The Van with Black Flag's Damaged
Legendary hardcore vocalist Henry Rollins recounts his time on the road with Black Flag, from joining the band in 1981 to their end in 1986. Henry kept a loose journal of his thoughts from 1983 onwards, and before that are a couple of chapters where he recounts his origins with the band. It’s an extremely easy read with plenty of raw and revealing thoughts by Henry, who was often quiet in the band when not on stage and preferred to pour out his opinions and burdens on paper. The book is also full of loads of great photos and show fliers.

An ideal accompaniment to this book is the DVD American Hardcore which documents the history of the hardcore scene through interviews with key members of the pioneering bands, including Henry Rollins. In terms of music, for anyone new to Black Flag I recommend the Damaged album, while Henry himself recommends Black Flag: The First Four Years which is a compilation of songs recorded before Rollins joined the band.

Get In The Van, Damaged and American Hardcore are all available to borrow from Toronto library. And be sure to check out Make Some Noise.

What You Didn’t See On Music Vice This Week…
I go to a lot of shows that never get mentioned on here. The lowlight of this week was when I was unfortunate enough to catch some dire band at the Hideout in Toronto on Wednesday night. They played a whole lot of covers including a complete butchering of a Foo Fighters song; thankfully I forget which song it was but it was horribly out of tune. A friend who had also been in attendance had a hot dream about them later that night, describing it as: “hot and out of key…like a piano being smashed on the hot burning pavement of a summer’s day”. How brilliant is that?

Oh, speaking of Foo Fighters, the band were in the news this week as guitarist Chris Shiflett announced details of his new, Americana-themed side-project, Chris Shiflett & The Dead Peasants. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Nope, didn’t think so.

Final Thought
Don’t get me wrong, the Foo Fighters were awesome in their prime (The Colour and the Shape, One By One) and one of my most memorable gig experiences was witnessing Dave Grohl from one metre away as he sung through the pain of laryngitis in Sunderland, England back in 2005. That was truly epic.

So, what better way to wrap up this first Editorial Pissings by including this video of Dave Grohl bashing the lids in this fantastic performance by Nirvana of the song that inspired me to create this new column… enjoy!

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7 Responses to Editorial Pissings #1 – My own personal World Cup… Music Vice editor to play at NXNE

  1. Michael Bowser on May 23, 2010 at 3:35 am

    Heh, excellent column name, my friend! Most amusing. Whoa, gonna have to get my hands on that Rollins book…

    Oh, and Papa Lazarou: BIG FAN. You might wanna be careful if you visit Australia though, just ask Harry Connick Jr, we “don’t do black-face” over here, hahaha..!!

  2. R.J. on May 23, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    Also interested to know who your playing vs. could be interesting if you’re up against a musician from a band you wrote a bad review about haha

  3. Brian Banks on May 23, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    @ duggie – No idea yet who I’ll be playing with or against. Might not know until game day but if I hear anything then I’ll mention it in the next column.

    Michael, yeah, check that book out, you’ll enjoy it. Oh, and RE: Papa Lazarou; League of Gentleman is awesome!

  4. Michael Bowser on May 27, 2010 at 7:43 am

    ‘Tis a sad state of affairs in this country, I’m afraid: Hardly anyone seems to even know League Of Gentlemen exists!! You bring it up, they usually confuse it with the less-than-spectacular film adaptation of Alan Moore’s brilliant “League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen” (which, of course, they’re also surprised to hear was ever a comic)!!! PHILISTINES.

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