Australian hardcore band Urgent Blood break-up: last copies of their 7″ vinyl available in Toronto record stores

May 23, 2011

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Good day dear readers, happy Victoria Day.

Only a few months ago, in February, we introduced you to a hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia called Urgent Blood. In the short time since their interview with Music Vice, Urgent Blood have split up. Members of the group have already gone on to form new groups:  lead singer Danny, who I know well from the DIY scene in my native North Scotland, has returned to the UK to form a new band called You Dead, while Rob and Jamie have started a new band in Melbourne called Old Skin.

During their short lifespan of a few months, Urgent Blood recorded some songs, caused havoc in venues around Australia’s East Coast and had radio play on various Australian radio stations including national broadcaster ABC.

Urgent Blood also released a 7″, of which 200 copies were made on coloured vinyl. In February the band had asked me if I could help put some of their records out in Toronto – “For sure!” –  and last week I received a package from Australia with the last remaining 20 or so copies of this record. Copies of the Urgent Blood 7″ can be found for just $5 at Rotate This on 801 Queen St W, Toronto and also right next door at Hits and Misses. Check it out – it’s a great wee record and recommended for fans of The Bronx or Trash Talk. Pick yourself up a rare piece of Aussie hardcore – and here’s hoping that the band might reform again one day; and maybe next time they’ll stay together for longer than six months!

Hits and Misses records, 799 Queen Street West, Toronto - photo by Brian Banks, Music Vice
If any other bands out there in far flung places would like similar help with getting their records in the fine music capital of Toronto, then feel free to get in touch. Myself and the Music Vice crew are always pleased to help support the DIY scene, and will happily pass on your record to stores on consignment. Long Live Indie!

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