Other Lives video interview – on the upcoming Radiohead tour, Tamer Animals and cabin fever

February 24, 2012

Other Lives

If you don’t know who Other Lives are already, then get ready because you can expect to hear a lot more about them in the future. They are a band that you need to listen to.

Hailing from Stillwater, Oklahoma slap-bang in the middle of America, this five piece group are about to go on tour with Radiohead next Monday as they join them on tour starting in Miami, Florida. Other Lives are building a strong following on both sides of the Atlantic, with support garnered after touring, along with live session appearances on notable radio stations including KEXP in Seattle and BBC Radio 1.

Other Lives released their sophomore album Tamer Animals in May 2011. The band were in Toronto on tour earlier this month to play at the Drake Hotel on Valentine’s Day.

After the band finished sound checking pre-show, I stepped inside the Drake Underground room to make my introductions. I said hi to Jonathon first. Moments later I found myself speaking to the rest of the band, as they came up to say hello. I was struck by how warm, friendly and relaxed the band were. All together, they seemed to be in great spirits and later went on to charm the crowd inside the Drake with a fantastic gig.

Before the show, I saw down with Jesse Tabish and Jonathon Mooney from Other Lives for an interview. Jesse and Jonathon spoke to me about about their beginnings, recording Tamer Animals, cabin fever and their imminent tour with Radiohead. Check out the full interview:

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