Rizzle Kicks interview – UK chart-topping hip-hop duo down their trumpets to talk to us

September 7, 2011

Rizzle Kicks on stage at Strawberry Fields Festival 2011, Leicestershire, England - photo by Farid Singh, Music Vice
Rizzle Kicks
is a duo comprised of Jordan ‘Rizzle’ Stephens and Harley ‘Kicks’ Alexander-Sule. They mix indie music with hip hop beats and are one of the biggest new acts in the UK right now. Hailing originally from the seaside town of Brighton and just out of the prestigious Brit School they are taking over the charts and rumour has it have recently signed with the UK’s largest label… Island Records. Last week they were number one on the UK singles chart, featuring in the Olly Murs track “Heart Skips A Beat”. You might also know them for their hit “Down With The Trumpets”.

Despite the big success the boys have been experiencing they are fun loving, humble and extremely exciting about where their career is headed. Ngawara Madison for Music Vice, recently sat down with the boys at Strawberry Fields Festival in the UK for an exclusive chat.

Listen here to the full interview, with the full transcription below:

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Ngawara: Hey I’m backstage at Strawberry fields festival in Leicester in a very very muddy patch! Reporting for Music Vice over in Canada.

RK: Canada?

Ngawara: Yes, but standing here with one of the most fantastic acts… the band that is on the tip of everybody’s tongue at the Strawberry fields festival. I have been walking around trying to work out who everyone is talking about right now. I have been asking about Kelis, Ive been asking about a bunch of the people in the dance tent and the two that are on the tip of everyone’s tongue… Rizzle Kicks.

RK: Hello!

Ngawara: Can you introduce yourselves guys?

“Hello we’re Rizzle Kicks. My names Harley”
“Hi my name is Jordan and I like distracting people [laughs]”

Ngawara: He’s very very good at it. He is a very distracting character. Very energetic performance. Had the crowd going like no-one has ever seen in a very long time! And I’ve been to a bunch of these festivals since I’ve been over from Toronto…

So guys, what are the plans for the moment. So tonight you’re here, tomorrow you are off at…?

RK [Harley]: Reading Festival.

Ngawara: Fantastic. So are you staying around for a bit or are you heading off straight to go to Reading?

Harley of Rizzle Kicks rocks out with Music Vice reporter Ngawara Higher - photo Farid Singh

Harley rocks out with Music Vice reporter Ngawara

RK [Jordan]: Yeah we’re going to have a few drinks, like, party in the fields, and that. Like, insult some farmers its all good [laughs]..

RK [Harley]: Pick some strawberries…

Ngawara: Maybe tip over some cows boys? [laughs]

RK [Jordan]: It’s not picking season! And I told Harley this already mate! You’re gonna be picking like literally just small green plants [laughs]..

Ngawara: So if we were to listen to one Rizzle Kicks song right now that would sum you guys up in a heartbeat, which song is the one that we should shove on replay constantly?

RK[ Harley]: Its a song on the album that you havent heard yet called “Dreamers”.

RK [Jordan]: You have to wait for it to come out.

RK[Harley]: No.. “My dreams”

Ngawara: “My Dreams”? When is the album coming out boys?

RK [Jordan]: <in a creepy voice> Halloween…

Ngawara: Halloween? Seriously? Like October 31st?..

RK [Harley]: Its not a scary album though really!

Ngawara: If you could see Jordan right now hes got his eyes wide open trying to look as scary as he possibly can [laughs]

RK: [laughing and smiling]

Ngawara: So at the moment I did hear that you have a song out. You’re mixing your music with a lot of different artists at the moment and you have a song out right now with one of the X Factor boys, Olly Murs? Whats the name of that song?

RK [Harley]: “Heart Skips a Beat”

RK: [Jordan]: It’s currently Number One!

Ngawara: Currently Number One! Featuring Rizzle Kicks. Fantastic! So how did that kind of grouping come about?
How did you manage to hook up with Olly and get that going? Its very different styles no?

RK[Harley]: We just like him; ever since he was in X Factor. Like, we’re not closed to collaborating with anyone as long as we, as long as we think that we like the music.

Ngawara: So as long as they’re talented?

RK [Jordan]: Well yeah, we’re not going to be close minded about these kind of things and ah we just spit over a hip hop break as well so no one can say anything… [pulls another halloween face and laughs]

Ngawara: So you’re not adverse to mixing your genres around and stuff like that?

RK [Jordan]: Not at all.

Ngawara: So we might be looking forward to seeing a lot of different collaborations with you guys with different artists in the future?

RK[Jordan]: Well very yeah; we’ve collaborated with all sorts. I mean we’ve got a remix with Ed Sheeran we put up the other day and..

Ngawara: Okay cool, that’s different. Eds ah… I caught Ed at The Bedford a couple of times… at a venue in the south of London. He’s a very talented artist.

RK [Harley]: I know, he’s awesome.

Ngawara: Ed Sheeran with Rizzle Kicks! Thats something! Fantastic, yeah hes very good.

RK [Jordan]: And this year we’ve worked with Jamie Cullum as well whos like a classical..

Ngawara: Jamie Cullum’s wicked

RK [Jordan]: Hes amazing yeah.. so anyone, we dont care.

Ngawara: Fantastic! Well I am very much looking forward to hearing these collaborations

RK [Harley]: These ry-dyms

Ngawara: … yeah these Rhythms. I thought you guys were fantastic. Thank you very much for chatting with Music Vice and we are looking forward to hearing about all the exciting events coming in your future. Thank you very much.

RK [both]: Bye

© Ngawara Highet, Music Vice


Rizzle Kicks debut album Stereo Typical is out 31 October, 2011 on Island Records.

Visit their website at RizzleKicks.com.

Thanks to Farid Singh for the excellent photos. Find more of his shots from SFF at the iSnap by Farid Facebook page.

Jordan Stephens of Rizzle Kicks on stage at Strawberry Fields Festival 2011 - photo by Farid Singh, Music Vice


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