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December 7, 2011

Say Hello To is a shiny new ‘Introducing’ series on Music Vice, spotlighting upcoming independent artists who we feel you should know about. As ever, we’ll be sticking to the editor’s mandate of “quality, not quantity”. To kick off, we invite you to say hello to London, UK band Dirty Hands

Dirty Hands singer Johnny - photo Rob Getaway
Christmas is just around the corner, the cold weather is upon us and there seems to be a stream of party invites rolling in the door! If you’re anything like me then you’re itching for some high energy party tunes to get you in the mood for hitting the town and getting your dance on! If Justin Bieber’s auto-tuned Christmas Carol is NOT your cup of tea and you’re seeking something with a bit more bite; then good news – I have a great new band to tell you about that is fresh on the London live scene: Dirty Hands.

Dirty Hands are a London based three piece, formed only this year, who play a flawless and exuberant blend of Punk and 1950’s style rock and roll. They are causing quite a stir about town and are leaving a very favourable impression on this side of the pond. The abundance of reviews and tweets about this band reads like a bed post covered in notches of satisfaction! I recently caught up with my friend Rob to check this band out in North London and had so much fun that I lost track of time and had to run in order to catch the last train home!

To quote The Independant:
“[They’re like] The Strokes meets tough fifties rock and roll. As angsty and heartfelt as a James Dean movie”, and when I went to check a show out for myself I had a blast. I was blown away by their exciting stage presence, infectious energy, and not mention undeniably catchy tunes.

This band gives you a taste of perhaps what our parents go on about when they look back with rose tinted glasses on the pop culture and bands of their youth. Dirty Hands play like a band from the days of Cheers, Black and White photographs, Teddy Boys, Danny Zuko, and Drive in movies. This is what rock and roll was all about – before the days of studio effects and product placement; before the days of tween-age Disney pop, The X Factor and Simon Cowell. This band are not influenced by modern bands, but rather by the classics of their parents. Back in the Fifties the bands were in it for the sex, drugs and rock and roll. Now I’m not saying that the boys are debaucherous pirates; in fact they came across extremely pleasant and meticulous; but this is a band that are in it for the music and were certainly not afraid to sweat on stage.

So put away the powder and stress less as we approach the festive season. And put this bands music on to warm you for a good night out. You can check out Dirty Hands on the web at for upcoming details of gigs [UK readers]. The boys are looking ahead to the future with an open attitude and said they would be very interested in ‘crossing the pond’ to Canada if the opportunity so arises. The band have posted their track “Baby Lifes too Short” on their website, accompanied by a slideshow of some of the photos that inspired their sound. With a string of dates booked for the new year, watch out for this name. This is one band you’ll be happy to introduce your friends to!

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Ngawara and friend with Johnny and Jack from Dirty HandsNgawara and friend with Johnny and Jack from Dirty Hands

Dirty Hands bass player Jack (Jonah) - photo Rob Getaway

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2 Responses to Say Hello To… Dirty Hands

  1. Dan Plunkett on December 8, 2011 at 8:57 am

    Great sound from Dirty Hands – somewhat evocative of Eric Burden and the Animals. I would love to hear their take on some old blues standards. Thanks for the tag Ngawara.

  2. Gnormal on December 8, 2011 at 9:43 pm


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