The Bronx Interview – Matt Caughthran, Warped Tour 2008

July 25, 2008

Interview with Matt Caughthran of The Bronx by Music Vice editor Brian Banks at Warped Tour, Mississauga (Toronto), July 19, 2009

Matt Caughthran is the vocalist of LA hardcore band The Bronx. I spoke to Matt with less than an hour to go before The Bronx were due on stage. Matt had already given a couple of interviews, including a really long double-take for a local TV crew. He was still cool enough to give me a few minutes of his time before heading off to get ready for what turned out to be an immense show.

Hey Matt, how’s it going? Your band mate Joby just went off?
Matt – “Hey Brian, what’s up? Yeah, he had to get the stage set-up, we’re going on in a little bit.”

How’s Warped been for you guys?
Matt – “Good man, it’s been a good experience. It’s been nice to get out and play for people who’ve never seen our band before, and you know we’ve got a couple friends on this tour so it’s been a lot of fun. We’re good friends with Every Time I Die, Bouncing Souls who just joined the tour, and our friends Dillinger Escape Plan were on the tour for a while.”

Matt Caughtran, The Bronx, at Warped Tour 2008 in Mississauga/Toronto

Any major highlights?
Matt – “Miami was great, and the Maryland show was really, really good. Just in general man there’s always something great that happens every day even if the show’s not good.”

How was Detroit last night? We had a reporter there for Music Vice but she missed you guys!
Matt – “It was awesome man. We had a really good show, we had to play first. We played at fucking 11.15 AM but the crowd was unbelievable.”

Any low points on this Warped Tour?
Matt – “Not really man, everything’s been good.”

So, aside from being on Warped Tour, what are The Bronx up to right now?
Matt – “Well, we’ve got two new records coming out in a couple of months, so we’re getting everything finished on those. One of them’s a traditional mariachi record, all traditional Hispanic music. The other one’s just the third Bronx full-length record. We’re going to be putting those out on our own label, White Drugs. We’ve been working our asses off. We’ve got our own studio, all this stuff, so last year’s been a real busy one. So it feel good to be on the road.”

So what made you guys do that extra album, separate from your normal Bronx material?
Matt – “Just being inspired. As an artist and a musician you kind of get wrapped up, especially professionally, about how to make money or how to make a certain sound, or having to do things a certain way. And there’s just no greater feeling than being able to do whatever you want and to create something that just pours out of you. And that’s what happened with the record, and its a really beautiful thing.”

So what can fans of The Bronx expect from the mariachi record?
Matt – “It’s just like The Bronx, but with all acoustic instruments, it’s all traditional Hispanic music. You just gotta check it out, you gotta believe. It’s gonna be good.”

One final question before you go… this interview is for Music Vice… do you have any vices?
Matt – “I got a couple. Alcohol’s one of them, and friends. I’ll do anything for my friends… to a point… I love making sure everybody’s happy before myself, so that can be kind of a vice.”

Cheers for the interview Matt, I’ll see you in the pit…
Matt – “Cheers man, thank you very much.”

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