The Rifles Interview

July 26, 2009

Lauren met The Rifles during Hop Farm Festival. Also be sure to check out her interview with The View.

Hi guys, you played on the Main Stage earlier and gave an incredible performance, how’s your day been so far?

Luke – Good man, we’ve had a really good day so far.

Good! I saw you live back in March at a tiny record shop in Brighton, so how does it compare playing very intimate ‘venues’ like those to playing festivals?
Rob – They’re two completely different things, at the instore events everyones sober and its quite scary actually whereas with festivals its…just completely different that you’re playing to a much bigger crowd basically.

The Rifles at Hop Farm Festival, photo by Lauren TownerAs much as I hate to say this, you don’t get the recognition you deserve and don’t sell as many records as a more commercialised band – how does that make you feel?
Luke – Well, it doesn’t really bother us since we have a very loyal fan-base who buy our records and come to our gigs and thats good enough for us really…
Rob – And we can say that we didn’t need commercial hype to get us to where we are now, so that makes us different from other bands.

Coming back to the festival and from what I saw you got a very good crowd for an early afternoon slot, do you think that you should be placed higher on the bill?
Luke – No, not really. Like with the commercial side of things, it doesn’t really bother us and we’re just happy to be here.

And are you looking forward to seieng Paul Weller live later?
Luke – Yeah definitely! He’s a legend!
Grant – I don’t think any of us could leave [the festival] without seeing him.

Back in 2007, you played at the London Forum and played ‘The Eton Rifles’ with him, how was it playing one of The Jam’s best known songs with him [Paul Weller]?
Luke – It was incredible.
Joel- Yeah, completely mad. But do you want to know something? When we were rehearsing for that gig, Paul Weller couldn’t remember the chords to Eton Rifles so I had to teach him it again since he hadn’t played it for ages!

That…is really quite awesome. So, with all that behind you, what’s happening in the near future for The Rifles?
Rob – *laughs* Well, in the near future I’m going to buy a beer!
Joel – Ha ha yeah, well we’ve just got the tour in October and maybe another single might come out from the album.

Check out The Rifles online at their official website or on MySpace.


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