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July 17, 2009

Interview by Music Vice writer Lauren Towner – July 17, 2009 Lauren met The View during Hop Farm Festival.

I’m a massive fan…I saw you play the Old Market in Brighton (review) on the small towns tour and more recently at the HMV Forum in London, how does it compare playing small / medium sized venues like that, compared to Glastonbury and T in the Park?

Steven – The thing with the small gigs is that they’re really close and…
Kyle – Intimate.
Steven – Yeah, intimate. But with the outdoor gigs you’re playing to loads of people so they can enjoy it and the indoor gigs are good too since you’re playing to your own fans.
Kieren – There’s good points to both sides of the gigs, but if you only did one of them you’d get bored and there’s joy to them both, so its good to mix it up.

Have you started writing the next album?
Steven – We’re in the process of it.

Any ideas if there going in a new direction or similar to Which Bitch?
Kyle – I’m not really sure yet, ’cause I think we’re generally ambitious anyway, but we’re going to see how it goes really.

Is Owen Morris going to produce the album? If so will he produce the whole thing or will it be a joint effort like last time?
Kyle – Not too sure yet, ’cause we’re going to like demo in a couple of weeks to see what we’ve got so…maybe.
Kieren – Its the usual View style of recording and writing. Its the best way.

Do you understand today’s headiners? The Fratellis, The Pigeon Detectives, You [The View], Ash and Echo and The Bunnymen, do you think the festival was booked in favour of record sales?
Kieren – It must be something like record sales but I mean you’ve got to think who’s buying them, but personally, I think the running order was done by grannies!

Strongbow or Magners?
All – *laughs*
Kyle – Strongbow.
Kieren – Magners…
Steven – Bulmers, pear cider, good stuff!

I’m covering this festival for Music Vice, an originally Scottish/UK based ‘zine now operating out of Canada. Will you be able to tour Canada/America in the future, or is that not going to happen because of the drug conviction?
Steven – We’ve been good boys, we were young and stupid and hopefully we’re going to America soon.

What’s the bigger picture for The View. Where do you see yourself in years to come?
Steven – Keep on doing gigs!
Kieren – Keep on enjoying ourselves, keep our minds open….
Steven – Play bigger and bigger gigs and more and more frequent gigs, I want to be gigging every week. And if its not in this country, it’ll be in a different country.

Check out The View online at their official website or on MySpace.

The View

The View


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