Urgent Blood interview – introducing Aussie-Scottish thrash monsters UB!, with new video for “Tram Pig”

February 4, 2011

Urgent Blood - credit Oh Darling Dearestphoto credit: Oh Darling Dearest

What the heck can one say about Scottish-cum-Melbournian thrash-punk band Urgent Blood?  Fucked if Michael Bowser knows…best leave most of the talking to deranged frontman Danny Crombie, a man who’s smashed a venue’s glass or two in his time…

So Mr Crombie, is it true these rumours I hear that you’re being deported from this grand land of Oz shortly?  What does this mean for the future of Urgent Blood, seeing since all the other members are, ahem, “legal” Australian citizens?

Okay, basically the deal is I can’t work in Australia and have no money left, so I have to go home.  This means Urgent Blood are essentially no more.  Though we’re physically unable to play together, we’re able to collaborate through the internet and we’ll all be doing new things really soon.  Feb 6th at Yah Yah’s is our very last show, I can’t stress that enough, I’m flying home less than 10 hours after we finish playing!

Whoa, all sounds very serious and daunting.  Will there be an execution squad awaiting you if you fail to board the aircraft?!

I think they’ll PAY for me to go!

Sounds like a good lark, I’d hold out for that then if I were you.  So, apart from causing all sorts of havoc in airports, I hear that your live shows are rather incendiary.  Have you been banned from any venues yet, or charged for damages to premises/property?

There’s been a lot of tea-bagging.  I once sat on a guy’s head and then someone dragged him across the room scraping his head off the floor, and I felt pretty bad about that.  We’ve also broken a fair few mikes…I reckon there’ll be some sound-guys that never want us back, but no venues yet.  We recently caused some trouble on the radio and said “cunt” a lot, so I don’t think we’re welcome back there.

That’s perfectly understandable…I find that word comes up a lot in polite, everyday conversation.  So to the as-yet uninitiated/unmolested, how would you describe the UB “sound”?

The description we usually give people is The Bronx meets Zeke meets Black Flag…so fast in parts, groovy in others and almost always LOUD!  If you really want to get into the ins and outs of it all, I reckon we’re a bit like some of the stuff released on Agipunk like L’Amico Di Martucci, La Piovra, Smart Cops or even US stuff like Los Crudos.  That’s not to say we only listen to punk stuff, which has been a general misconception about us!  I’m still hoping we get ’round to covering NWA at some point.

I hear you’ve been through quite a few different members in the band’s short-but-spectacular career.  Do tell more…

Technically we’ve been through 10 members, mostly due to us not being too picky and trying to move as quickly as possible!  We’ve had a crazy Kiwi that was too lazy to practice, two guys who’ve legally changed their names, a socially-inept drummer, an alcoholic American drummer who passed out mid-rehearsal, and we even tried a double-bass player at one point!  Our current bassist Rob joined 3 hours before he played 2 shows with us in the same night!  Currently we’ve got a perfect line-up with myself, Jamie and Rob, with Jake from Clowns filling in on drums…..it’s never been tighter.

You have a new 7-inch release imminent, I believe?

We aimed a few months ago to get a 7-inch out, and only just managed to get it out with time constraints.  We recorded it the last week of December with Jacob Munnery, who recorded our first EP, and we’re really happy with it.  The songs are a bit different to the first stuff, as there’s some more Jamie songs on it rather than the first record which was 80% me….a bit more musicianship perhaps!  Even with our time constraints and the fact we’re splitting up in a week or so, we’re still putting 100% into this band, this is what we’re passionate about and we’ll be doing the same thing one way or another in the future.  I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved with almost no support:  2 EPs, a residency, over 20 shows, 5 radio appearances, around 1000 stickers, 500 CDRs, a music video, and I’ve made a lot of great friends.

A final question, one which we always ask here at Music Vice:  Other than music, what vices would you care to share with us and the nice folk at home?

If I’m not working on music, I’m sitting around watching cartoons or making art.  I really have no life besides playing music.

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Urgent Blood play their final Australian show (and 2nd EP launch) on Sunday 6th February at Yah Yah’s, Melbourne, with electro-noise lunatics Death O’Connor as support.  It starts at 5pm and is FREE so there’s no excuses, unless of course you have a pre-existing appointment to change your granny’s colostomy bag that particular evening (photographic proof required, of course).

Urgent Blood’s brand new video for “Tram Pig”:

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