DJ Muggs to headline 4th Annual Toronto Freedom Festival

April 8, 2010

May Day, 1 May 2010 is the date for this year’s Global Marijuana March which will once again see people in cities around the global take to their feet to march in support of the decriminalization of cannabis. Toronto has been involved with the march since its inception in 1999 and once again you can expect to see news pictures of cannabis supporters rallying at Queen’s Park in the city.Dj Muggs

The Toronto Freedom Festival, now in its fourth year, ties in with the marijuana march and sees musicians, DJ’s, community groups and volunteers unite to put on a free outdoor festival in the name of freethinking, and to quote the festival website; “By coming together in large numbers, positive attention has been drawn to individuals and groups seeking to preserve their constitutional rights and freedoms.”

Headlining this year’s Toronto Freedom Festival will be DJ Muggs (who made his name as producer and DJ of Cypress Hill). Among the other performers at this TFF 2010 are Toronto funksters God Made Me Funky and, fittingly enough, a Bob Marley & The Wailers tribute band.

The Toronto Freedom Festival kicks off at noon on May Day and wraps up at 8pm.

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