Henry Rollins to release photography book Occupants

August 17, 2011

Henry Rollins - Occupants
Henry Rollins: hardcore punk icon, spoken word performer, novelist, publisher, actor (his role as A.J. Weston the white-supremist in Sons of Anarchy being his biggest and best role yet), activist… and now, photographer. From October 2011 you can add ‘published photographer’ to Henry Rollins credits, with the release of his book of photographs and writings titled Occupants.

Rollins globe-trotting travels have long provided him with many memorable anecdotes that he has shared around the world with this spoken word gigs. Now fans can get a visual perspective to Henry Rollins travels, with Occupants. As to be expected, Henry Rollins photographs are not your usual travel-bug’s snaps of beaches and architecture, but instead feature shots of volatile places including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, North Korea, and Vietnam – with “penetrating observations and incisive essays” to accompany Henry’s photos.

“As I traveled and took more photographs I came to the conclusion that the book had to be more than merely a collection of images. If you are a real photographer, you could perhaps get away with that but not me. I am not a photographer, just someone with a lot of visas in his passport and a camera on his shoulder. The last thing I wanted was for someone to think I was being pretentious. I thought about what I could do to make the book be more time intensive on my part, so there would be more for the person who endeavored to get the book. I came to the conclusion that I would write something for each photo. In fact, I would write two things; an impression of the photograph and a caption that provided more of the practical information about where the image was captured.

I decided to call the book Occupants. I figure that’s what we are. We get some time on the planet and that’s it.” – Henry Rollins

Occupants will be released this October via Chicago Review Press. Pre-orders are now available via Henry Rollins online store, and will ship on or around 30 September. The first 2000 copies will be signed.

Meanwhile, fans in Scotland take note: Henry Rollins returns to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this week for a pair of talking shows on Thursday 18 and Friday 19 August.

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