John Peel Day – Joy Division “Insight” tribute video

October 25, 2011

John PeelJohn Peel – a true hero to music, and champion of so many great bands

It is seven years today – 25 October 2011 – since BBC DJ John Peel died. John Peel was one of the most influential people in music and the greatest radio DJ ever.

I made a tribute video today while sitting in my bedroom in Toronto on a rainy gloomy Tuesday, listening to some of my favourite John Peel bands including The Undertones, Nirvana and Joy Division. Today felt very familiar to me: I grew up listening to John Peel on Radio 1 while sitting in a damp, dank bedroom in a house in North Scotland.  More often than not, the music that John Peel played really brightened up the bedroom.

John Peel introduced myself and millions of other listeners to so many great bands. Peel was also definitely an influence to me in my decision to get into music journalism, go to University, start my own zine (Music Vice, this blog you are reading!) and starting my own radio show. In general I hold Peel partly responsible for the past nine years that I have spent surviving on a tuna & pasta diet while devoting so much of my time to music. This video is a tribute to John Peel and Joy Division – a song by my favourite band, recorded live for my favorite DJ. The song is “Insight”, the second track from Joy Division’s 1986 EP The Peel Sessions.  Happy John Peel day everybody.  I hope you enjoy this video. John – we miss you.

© Brian Banks, Editor, Music Vice

Joy Division – “Insight” (John Peel Sessions) tribute video.

And yes, that’s me dancing: clips taken on a mobile phone by a friend during a Joy Division tribute night earlier this month in Toronto. – Brian

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