Music Stars at the 2012 WSOP Poker Main Event

July 18, 2012

If you have been keeping on top of the latest news on WSOP 2012, then you know that the Main Event just reached the final table and the remaining players will be back in October to claim the richest prize in the game. Over 6,000 players took to the field less than two weeks ago from all walks of life, including the music industry. Here are two music artists that took their shot at World Series Of Poker gold.

Kool Shen (Bruno Lopes) at WSOP
Kool Shen (Bruno Lopes) counts his chips at WSOP

The head and founder of The Inc, hip-hop artist Irv Gotti, was among the players in the field on Day 1a.  Day 1a is usually among the softest of the starting days at the WSOP Main Event, but Gotti was unable to get any traction and ultimately busted out of the event before the end of the day. Gotti is an experienced poker player and has played in big poker events across the nation when not running The Inc.

French rapper Kool Shen, the co-founder of Suprême NTMhad a great run in this year’s Main Event. Kool Shen, aka Bruno Lopès, has been having a great year at the poker tables.  He took down two major titles and had three six-figure scores.  That run continued at the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. He entered a field 6,598 strong and managed to navigate his way through to the money.  His 468th place finish brought him $24,808, or 2.4 times his buy-in.

While Kool Shen and Irv Gotti represented the music industry admirably in the event, a couple of big names that normally play the event were noticeably absent.  Scott Ian of Antrhax and Sully Erna of Godsmack are both players who have been regulars at the WSOP.  Odds are that Ian had to skip due to Anthrax’s “Worship Music” tour, but it is unclear why Erna chose to skip seeing that he has two Main Event cashes under his belt.

Both Kool Shen and Irv Gotti took their shot at ever poker player’s dream, a Main Event title. Kool Shen made a great run and hopefully we will see him go deeper next year.  If not, maybe another star in the music world will put down their $10,000 buy-in and take their shot at millions…

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