Music Vice photojournalist Liz Keith takes prize at Sound Image photo exhibition in Toronto

February 4, 2012

Liz Keith wins Sound Image exhibit at Analogue GalleryLiz Keith next to her winning image of Flaming Lips flaming lead singer Wayne Coyne

On Thursday night, 2 February, a juried exhibition of concert photography entitled SOUND IMAGE opened at Analogue Gallery on 673 Queen West, Toronto. Analogue Gallery is a small, private gallery which features local and international concert photography. Sound Image, which kicked off on Thursday night and runs till February 9th, represents a selection of the best entries the gallery received in response to an public call for submissions. Music Vice editor Brian Banks and I were in attendance to support fellow Music Vice photojournalist Liz Keith, who traveled in from Montreal after her stunning, surreal image of a smoking Wayne Coyne at Osheaga 2011 (of The Flaming Lips) was chosen for inclusion in the show.

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne at Osheaga music festival 2011, Montreal - photo by Liz Keith, Music Vice
The winner as chosen by the juries was announced around 8 PM: meanwhile, Liz was grabbing eats nearby. When she re-entered the gallery, she was pulled off to the side by the evening’s curator Lucia Graca who informed her that her picture had received the best in show.

The photo of Wayne Coyne represents some of Keith’s music photography at its most brilliant. Other photos in the exhibition featured Crystal Castles, David Bowie, Feist, Drake, Nick Cave, and especially City and Colour as subjects. We are pleased to note that the judges agreed that Liz’s image of  Flaming Lips’ frontman Wayne Coyne at Osheaga music festival in Montreal was the obvious stand-out, and our congratulations on the well-deserved win! The judges scored unanimously in her favour, with Liz collecting 5 out 5’s from all four judges, including celebrity music photographer Barrie Wentzell.

Quotes below from Lucia Graca and Brian Banks.

“Sound Image is an open-submission exhibit which we opened up to absolutely anyone, amateurs and professional photographers, there were no restrictions. We had submissions from some very young photographers who are probably still studying and some from older photographers who haven’t photographed bands for a very long time, who dusted off their negatives to be a part of this. The earliest photo in the exhibit is a shot of Davie Bowie in the 70’s. We had a total of 15 finalists. There were a lot of people who applied who missed the deadline, so we will definitely be doing this again next year.

“I love Liz’s submission. I was speaking to her before the show, as originally she had submitted the picture in colour so I asked her why she chose to desaturate it entirely. It’s always interesting to see how people make stylistic choices when it comes to framing and presenting their work. I really like the shot in black and white but I also really liked it in colour. I love the Flaming Lips and I know that going to a Flaming Lips show is something incredible. It’s a full body experience and I think she really captured that. And if you can capture the feeling of a moment then you’ve really done you’re job.” – Analogue Gallery curator Lucia Graca.

“It’s a smoking photo! I remember getting excited about this shot when Liz first emailed me her coverage from Osheaga last year. It’s a fantastic shot, and Liz fully deserved to win. I’ve always put a big emphasis on live photographs as an integral part of our coverage on Music Vice. You know I’m a tough or ‘selective’ critic, but I have been delighted to have Liz onboard since day one. On top of her ability to frame and time a shot, she has a real passion and interest in the musicians that are her subject matter. It really shows in her photographs! – Music Vice editor and founder Brian Banks.

If you live in Toronto, don’t miss your chance to check out the Sound Image exhibit at Analogue Gallery which runs until 9 February.

Liz for the win!

© Natascha Malta, Music Vice

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One Response to Music Vice photojournalist Liz Keith takes prize at Sound Image photo exhibition in Toronto

  1. Liz Keith on February 4, 2012 at 5:27 pm

    “The winner as chosen by the juries was announced around 8 PM: meanwhile, Liz was grabbing eats nearby.”
    => Timing is everything, kids. >_<

    In my defence, I checked out the other shots on display and consoled myself that I was just kinda glad to have been exhibited. Didn't see this one coming at all. Major thanks to Analogue Gallery, the judges, friends who stopped by, and to MusicVice for three good years of indie music journalism.

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