Osheaga 2016 lineup announced: Radiohead, Lana Del Rey, RHCP

February 23, 2016


The 2016 Osheaga lineup has been announced and its headliners stack high the musical cards.

And there is lots of talent under those big names too.

Some bands you may have heard of or listened to and enjoyed or could imagine them sounding good and others you may not even notice but then if you go and show up at the festival and see them on stage you have a great time, look over at your friend, shade the sunlight from your eyes with your hand to your brow and ask “what band is that?

Radiohead seems more like a legend than a band now, Red Hot Chili Peppers have been consistent since today’s Starbucks baristas were playing in wooden playgrounds and Lana Del Rey is like, obviously if you listen to the music you’re going to feel pretty and you don’t have to get your nails done if you don’t want to.

So, go to Osheaga and have fun.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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