ROOT! hang up their hats

July 23, 2010

Root! band group shot, featuring DC Root
‘Tis a sad day indeed for Melbourne, and all of Australia for that matter.  ROOT! are set to hang up their cowboy hats and step away from the microphone. What follows is the latest press release from their management at Nibbles Music…read it an’ weep:

“Like tumbleweeds blowing across the nature strip of modern consciousness, Melbourne’s own garage-punk poets ROOT!  have decided, for now, it’s time to ride outta town…

For one last time the boys will don their cowboy hats and sashay through the highlights of ROOT!’s four-year, two-album career, Friday August 20th in a special intimate show.  Have a drink, have a laugh, have a cry along with ROOT! live at Yah Yahs, Smith St, Collingwood.

Is this the end for DC and his canasta partners?  Or is there a new project on the way?

All will be revealed soon.  Stay tuned.”

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  1. Michael Bowser on July 27, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Anthea from Nibbles wanted me to add the following info…People can buy tickets from or from here:

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