What’s Black & White and Read All Over?

January 19, 2010

We are!

Notice anything different? Yup, we’ve had a makeover. Music Vice has a  new website! We’re now powered by WordPress and after a bit of tweaking the new site went live late last night, January 18, 2010.

It’s been a bit of a painstaking task switching over but the end result is a sleeker and cleaner website. Browsing Music Vice is going to be a whole lot easier from now on. In the past we’ve always had the main site with its core content of reviews, interviews and photos in one area, while in other areas we’ve run news blogs and message boards… but that’s the past! There are bright times ahead, times of change, with the whole ethos of the new decade being for us to live cleaner and be more efficient, and we’re down with that. Now, if you’ll allow me to paraphrase Mr. Thom Yorke:  Everything Is In Its Right Place.

Finding articles, photos or any other content on a specific band is now a breeze, just by either typing the artist’s name in the search box or by clicking on tags. I know from feedback comments and emails that a site search box was one feature much desired and I’m glad we now have that feature back on the site – and the bonus is that this time it actually works! Meanwhile on the homepage you’ll find it a cinch to browse to the freshest content.

Old Music Vice Layout
The old Music Vice layout that served us for many years…RIP

As for the colour scheme, well gone are the white text on black and grey backgrounds, and we’ve instead inverted to the traditional black on white look. We’ve always figured that content and quality is the most important thing, and keeping it simple is the way ahead in that regard – in any case wearing a lot of black is soooo last decade. To be honest, I love that Music Vice is now in black and white, it makes me feel all fuzzy and nostalgic, harking back to the zine days of holding warm black ‘n white Xerox’d copies of the Music Vice zine that predated all this fancy-smancy web stuff.

Please allow for a bit of teething as we continue to work on a few things behind the scenes. For a while a lot of the old reviews won’t be accessible through the homepage or if they are then they’ll show the old site design – if anyone has bookmarked a page before Jan 18 other than the home page they will still be seeing the old site, or at least some of it. Give us a couple of weeks and we’ll have all the reviews from the last couple of years switched over and linked in using the new format – it’s just gonna take a bit of time because there are hundreds of reviews that we have to manually convert!

With the new changes come more new features, one of which being a Preview section. Check out our new monthly Shows To Go To feature and also our preview of Soundwave 2010 in Australia.

There’s other new stuff on the horizon too… do you like free stuff? Who doesn’t right?! Well we’re talking to a few labels with the view of running  some competitions and giveaways, so keep yer peepers peeled for that!

One final thought, given all this talk about style – isn’t it about time camo pants made a comeback?? I might make that my own personal mission!  Meanwhile, rumour has it that Music Vice’s other crazy Scotsman abroad, Lord Danny of Crombie, has plans to re-introduce shell suits to the fine people on the east coast of Australia. So, what would be the most tragically-hip fashion comeback; camo pants or shell suits? Maybe we can have both… live the dream people, live the dream…


Brian Banks
Editor, Music Vice

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3 Responses to What’s Black & White and Read All Over?

  1. Keith P on January 19, 2010 at 11:33 pm

    sick! way to go guys, much easier to navigate now and glad you kept the music vice speaker stack!

    first? ^^

  2. Danny Crombie on January 21, 2010 at 4:41 am

    Good job bud, let’s rock!

  3. Chris Adam on January 25, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    the new site is excellent, keep up the stellar work

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