Podcast: Radio Wunderbar #016

May 17, 2011

Radio Wunderbar

Download: Radio Wunderbar Episode 16 [AAC podcast. 1 hours 56 minutes 105 MB. Right-click and ‘save as’ to download.]

Radio Wunderbar is a weekly radio show and podcast hosted by Music Vice editor Brian Banks since January 2011.  Spinning an eclectic mix of new independent artists from around the world, including lots of new music from the Music Vice mail bag. There are also regular interviews, live guest bands and exclusive first plays. The show Broadcast live online every Sunday from Toronto, Canada on Indie Love Radio and podcasted to the world via Music Vice at RadioWunderbar.com.

Radio Wunderbar #016 – broadcast 8 May 2011
For the recording of this show, French music segment host Natascha was off in New York for an art exhibit. In her absence sound guy Jeremy stepped up to the mic to join me on air. Aside from his banter and musical critiques, Jeremy also contributed music to the show with plays for Balthazar (Belgium) and Kyteman (Netherlands). These Euro bands added to a playlist that also includes indie artists from Canada, Quebec, UK, USA, Germany and Australia. Hazaah!

BIG thanks to new Music Vice intern Jackee for helping to organize these podcasts. Thanks to Jackee future podcasts will now be up online much quicker after the live show broadcast.

RW #016 play list:
“Le Long Du Large” – Coeur de Pirate
“Kindergarten” – Zeus
“Start All Over” – Cameron Townsend
“Everytime I Go To Sleep” – Holly Miranda
“Ivy & Gold” – Bombay Bicycle Club
“Poor” – Meaghan Smith
“Lost To Say The Least” – Nite Nite
“ In Medias Res” – Los Campesions!
“More Like Her” – Ngawara Madeleine Madison
“Cold Feet” – The Mercy Now
“No More Singin’ The Blues” – Kyteman
“Hunger At The Door” – Balthazar
“The Boatman” – Balthazar
“Une Seule Fois” – Kyteman
“Cut Up” – Duchess Says
“Mojo Ego Ft. Gigi French” – Misteur Valaire
“Deus Ex Machina” – Groover Von Kruger
“Straight In At 101” – Los Campesions!
“Science of Fear” – The Temper Trap
“Cotton Wool Kids” – Grim Fandango
“Hallways” – The Fast Romantics
“This World Starves For Lonely Girls” – Feeding Fingers
“Performance Enhancing Hugs” – Lovely Killbots
“Mars Prom” – Golden Isles
“She’s Gone” – The Hyena Dog Robbery
“Ordinary Dream” – Valleys
“Black Flag” – Duchess Says

Duchess Says rounded up the show nicely… here is their awesome music video for “Black Flag”:

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