Album review: LNZNDRF – LNZNDRF

February 18, 2016




Record Label: 4AD

February 2016

In one word: Vast


LNZNDRF was crafted in 2011 out of the prestige of Cincinnati rock band The National and is something of a minimalist/maximalist effort at spacey sounding indie music.

The band was formed out of a need for a supporting act last minute and has since grown to develop musical momentum.

The debut, self-titled was recorded in a church in Cincinnati in a few hours and is comprised on songs condensed from multiple 30+ minute jams.

The songs, which were edited from 30+ minute jams, evoke the essence of their expansive, largely improvised live shows.

The album definitely feels like this is exactly what happened. It is a big sound and it is very atmospheric.

It makes you think you are listening to the wind on a beautiful summer night.

Generally the album is spectacular and in the other times it is very nice background noise to do virtually anything you want to add some emotion to.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for music that helps you relax and possibly introspect.

LNZNDRF will play select shows in London, New York, Berlin and Brussels for February and March.

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