Album review: AA Wallace – In Alpha Zones

February 7, 2016


Title: In Alpha Zones
Artist: AA Wallace
Record Label: Culvert Music
January 2016
In one word: Feel


AA Wallace is full of neon lights and nylon jackets.

Just a bunch of people who get home from the Michael Jackson virtual concert and decide to go glow in the dark roller-skating.

It sounds really happy but obviously electronic.

The part that makes it really enjoyable is that it doesn’t hide the electricity in its sound.

Totally open about how it could in many ways be seen as the album an arcade machine would be playing when it transforms into an Autobot and breakdances on a piece of McDonald’s fry cardboard packaging all folded out into a nice cube.

And which game?

I don’t really know but possibly something that you wouldn’t button mash at all like that one where you shoot bubbles at other bubbles and match colours and pop them and stuff.

Overall, it’s a super sweet and really chill album that makes you feel like the sun is just shining right in your eyes but you’re really tired so you just squint and relax and feel really warm.

© Shaun Fitl, Music Vice

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