Album review: Christ VS Krishna – Move and Scale

April 16, 2013

Christ VS Krishna - Move and ScaleTitle: Move and Scale
Artist: Christ VS Krishna
Record Label: Indie
Release Date: March 2013
In One Word: Lumbering

Toronto band Christ VS Krishna have released a seven song EP filled with catchy, twangy guitar riffs which bring to mind bands from the late eighties and nineties. The first three songs, “Teezer”, “We Stand Alone”, and “Fall Apart”, are nice enough, but are still missing something – maybe the lack of emotion in the lead singer’s voice takes something away from the melody. Certainly not songs I would have strung together for the opening of the album.

However, the album gets much better from the fourth song on – “Lemon and Salt” leads the way with better melody and interesting transitions. The singer shows some emotion. Song five, “If You Could Turn My Way”, continues to the pattern with an interesting melody and great sing along lyrics. Stand out song on the album is song number six “Walk On Water”, with its lumbering reggae tempo and (finally!) some good backing harmonies; most definitely the song with the best “fun” factor. And finally song seven “The Sorrows” totally reminds me of Brian Jonestown Massacre. The creepy guitars, unconventional melody and great backing vocals is so BJM – a sound that suits this band just fine. One I hope they keep pursuing in the future.

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One Response to Album review: Christ VS Krishna – Move and Scale

  1. frank on April 18, 2013 at 9:56 am

    Saw these guys play at the Silver Dollar Room a couple weeks back and they definitely stole the show. Lead singer showed great enthusiasm and the rest of the band also has some pep. Wish they would’ve thrown in a cover or two, but their stuff was great.

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