Album Review – Fat Wrecktrospective

January 22, 2010

Title: Fat Wrecktrospective
Artist: Various Fat Wreck artists
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Released: 8 December 2009
In one word: Thorough

The Fat Wrecktrospective is quite simply put, thorough. With 88 tracks spanning over three discs it’s almost certainly the best compilation these guys have ever come out with.

On disc one you’ve got yer fattest hits with some excellent tunes from some of the best punk bands of recent times including NOFX, Lagwagon, Propaghandi, MXPX, Goober Patrol, Swingin’ Utters, Mad Caddies, Sick of it All, Less Than Jake, Rise Against, The Lawrence Arms, Dillinger Four, None More Black, Descendents and my very favourite Dead To Me.

Disc two which contains demos is what I’m more into where you can hear the significant early stages and early lyrics of some of my very favourite tunes from this label. It’s also surprising to hear how some bands like The Dickies can pull off flawless album quality demos, those guys are pros.

Disc three features tracks from the much hunted Fat club 7”s, – these are the kind of rare treasures that you may have only found before via the ol’ illegal download or by paying through the nose on Ebay. If you’re at all familiar with my writing you’ll already know of my love for Jack Darrymple, whose tracks are my faves.

The liner notes are enjoyable to read and don’t get boring. I’m sure you’ll agree there’s some hesitation when it comes to compilations this big that it gets tiresome to go through it all – luckily these guys know what they’re doing and almost every track is a good listen (apart from The Real McKenzies who, as a Scot, are just offensive and bewildering).

This is a great value record and I’m sure if you know the bands and the label you’ll enjoy it, it’s a great reminder that there’s a proper punk label out there still doing exciting things.

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