Album Review: Ash Grunwald – Live at the Fly by Night

February 2, 2010

Title: Live at the Fly by Night
Artist: Ash Grunwald
Label: Delta Groove
Released: 5 February 2010 (Australia)
In one word: Soulful

Ash Grunwald is a guy with a big imagination and the means to carry it all out; he recently got rid of his traditional drummer to take his music to another level with a guy who plays car door by hammer with surprising results.

Also in the mix is a lot of African percussion and some Ableton Live which flawlessly brings together old and new components along with the rootsy blues he’s so well known (and awarded) for.

The performance of Grunwald and his band is full of funk n’ soul and I’m funkin’ sold! it’s an experience you can truly become lost in and let yourself go. Sometimes it resembles an upbeat hippy Tom Waits or can certainly gain comparison to his contemporaries John Butler and The Waifs.

All in all it’s good but something you’ve got to experience live to fully appreciate – I’ll be seeing him this week (in Melbourne) and I thoroughly suggest you do the same as soon as you get the chance. In the meantime, until Grunwald reaches a town (or continent) nearer you, Live at the Fly by Night is a great substitute.

© Danny Crombie, Music Vice

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