EP Review: CB6 – Consider This Severance/Times Are Changing

November 2, 2011

CB6 - Consider This SeveranceTitle: Consider This Severance (2011)/ Times Are Changing (2010)
Artist: CB6 (Carried By 6)
Label: Independent
Released: 1 June 2011
In one word: Snarling

A few months ago I received a very impressive looking promotional package from Southend-on-Sea, UK band Carried By 6. Tucked inside a red plastic folder was the band’s four CD discography, a nicely printed bio and a letter. The funny thing about this package was that it was sent in an envelope with a Hi-Tec sportswear company stamp on it; major DIY kudos and punk-rock points for whichever band member was using their work’s office stationary to mail out their promos.

Pretty packaging aside, the contents are what matters and CB6 are definitely worth hearing. What I find interesting is the devolepment of this band which can really be heard throughout the four years of their recordings. CB6’s 2007 debut EP The Beginning is modern heavy metal; it’s fast, pummeling metal, and technically strong but while it’s rich on licks it’s short on lyrics. Really it’s nothing to get excited about and by the time the fourth and final track plays out, I’ve gotten bored of the metal drone. Now, compare this 2007 debut to CB6’s 2011 single CD Consider This Severance and the contrast and progress is remarkable. In four years, CB6 refined more than just their haircuts; buzz-cut band picture in the 2011 artwork sound harder and more musically mature than the floppy haired metal kids in their 2007 guises. Consider This Severance” is an urgent, multidimensional track which infuses influences of hardcore punk, metal and even some R’n’B-esque spat spoken word breakdown/build-up verses for a 3 minute 40 seconds throwdown. It’s a snarling, multi-limbed beast of a song, and by heck, does it ever rock. Whereas The Beginning had me reaching for the stop button, Consider This Severance left me hungry to hear more – but it’s a true single and 3.40 minutes is the entire length of the CD.

A look back in the nearer future of CB6’s releases found some other good material on their January 2010 4-track EP Times Are Changing (artwork). “Before I Touch The Sky” and “Show Your Skin” are two further examples in the same vein of “Consider This Severance” that see these pissed-off Essex boys create something fresh and interesting to the metal genre. With their self-promoting on social media and with press packages, together with a few indie-shot band videos, it’s clear that CB6 are putting in the some serious elbow grease in to try to get themselves heard. ‘Potential’ can seem like a patronising and overused descriptor for bands, but if CB6 continue working hard and making new music in the same or better calibre as “Consider This Severance” then this could become a band to recognise. With the departure of Frank Carter from Gallows, Britain could sure use a good new angry, young and pissed-off band to step up and deliver.

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Carried By 6 – “Consider This Severance”: Consider This Severance by CB6

Internet links: Carried By 6 homepage, CB6 Facebook

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