Album review: Chaos Divine – The Human Connection

April 19, 2011

Chaos Divine - The Human ConnectionTitle: The Human Connection
Artist: Chaos Divine
Label: Waterfront Records
Released: April 2011
In one word: Vast

When one thinks of Australia, images of a vast expanse of barren desert come to mind.  Ideas of kangaroos bounding across the rolling red dunes and random pubs in the middle of nowhere dance through our thoughts with twangy country music about men named Duncan who seem to drink excessively set as the soundtrack.  It is for this reason that we find ourselves overwhelmed and excited by acts such as Pendulum, Birds of Tokyo and Chaos Divine who, now and again, crawl out of the woodwork and wow both the local and international markets with their diverse blend of sounds and well written tracks.  Chaos Divine’s newest release The Human Connection, launched on 15 April in their home town of Perth, Western Australia, seeks to push these boundaries even further.

Citing influences such as Opeth, Lamb of God and Dream Theatre and boasting an impressive resume (including support spots for Trivium and Slayer), Chaos Divine give themselves a lot to live up to in terms of expectation.  From the first few seconds of the opening track ‘One Door’, listeners will be enthralled.  The melodic guitar intro is reminiscent of Devil Driver’s “End of the Line”, and David Anderton’s vocals are like a siren’s song sucking the listener deep into a musically induced trance.  Similar to Brisbane’s Dead Letter Circus, the tracks present a pleasing blend of melody and heaviness, with a common factor between all of the tracks being the strong and well rehearsed guitar work.  Guitarists Simon Mitchell and Ryan Felton truly show their talent in track 2, “At The Ringing Of The Siren”, with the perfect match made between violent metal strumming and stunning plucked acoustic at different peaks and lows in the song.  Another standout track is “Chasing Shadows”, with its heartfelt lyrics and varied sound.  This song stands out for me mainly for the flawless, driving drum work of Ben Mazzarol in the background – where most metal bands are heavy on the symbols and double kicks he manages to find a happy medium that still doesn’t skimp on the raw metal sound the band are known for.

After listening to this album, I find it safe to say that Chaos Divine stand uncontested in Australian Metal at the present.  Their clean, tight performance on record conjures images of an incredible live show and cements in my mind the belief that the future of Australian music is more than the mimic of America’s finest or the odd warbling country act fresh out of Tamworth.  Metal in this Great Southern Land is very much ALIVE!

© Darcie Reid, Music Vice


The Human Connection, released by Waterfront Records, is now available through Firestarter Music and Distribution.  It is available digitally worldwide through iTunes.

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