Album review: Citizen – Young States

November 12, 2012

Citizen - Young StatesTitle: Young States
Artist: Citizen
Record Label: Run For Cover Records
Release Date: 23 October 2012
In One Word: Snivelling

Southern Michigan/Northern Ohio based rock band Citizen have just released their debut album Young States and are now hitting the road with a headlining tour  in November. (They just played Toronto and Ottawa at the weekend, and play Montreal tonight.)

Young States features 10 songs showing a great deal of variety. The opener “Untitled” is a perfect example. Mat Kerekes’s vocals change with the mood of the mid-tempo song. The combination of both, blends perfectly into Citizen’s emo-indie rock sound… very much in the style of Brand New and the like. Think slow breakdowns, rather whiney vocals and liberal use of a double-kick drum pedal.  The songs of the album combine catchy lines that get the listener hooked in an instant while still keeping a certain aggressiveness: Citizen succeed in finding the right balance. Other songs to look out for are “Young States” and “Drown”.

The last three songs on the album are acoustic versions and come as a bonus. The band picked “Drown”, “Sick of Waiting” and “I Still Shut My Eyes”. Using only guitars and vocals their indie rock turns into calm, warm tunes that are made for a evening by the fireplace.

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