Album review: Death O’Connor – Morbidly Obtuse (+ free download)

January 4, 2012

Death O'Connor - Morbidly ObtuseTitle: Morbidly Obtuse
Artist: Death O’Connor
Label: Elgin Rock City (Independent)
Released: 1 January 2012
In one word: Jizz

2012. It’s officially the future. And what does the future sound like? Well, judging by this, the first record we received in 2012, the future is: Scary, annoying, backed by drum machines and loops, and a re-hash of everything that has come before. What’s new, eh? Talk about a shitty future. From the hot-mic recorded roll-call introduction by Death O’Connor band members in “x”,  to the muddy, barely audible sludge-blues in the final track “Blues Botherers”, Morbidly Obtuse is a speckled turd of many flavours, most of them crap. The only difference between this and the crap that you’ll find topping the charts this month is that Death O’Connor’s record is a DIY album: a home production that was finalized using a 14-day demo of Fruity Loops.  But alas, a turd is still a turd, no matter if it’s been polished in a studio or made at home.

But wait…

Plot twist.

Hiding among all the disturbing electropop spasms and jizz on Morbidly Obtuse are at least a couple of tracks that we can safely describe as music. Not bad music either. If you like your minimal, new wave pop then “Boy’s Gonna Cry” and “Unthink It!” should raise a smile. These moments ring the similarity bell to the tune of Devo and The Network. The real gem however, is the penultimate track “We Are The Kids”.  A couple of drum loops, some keys and a cool wee vocal ditty. This little anthem is better than anything Mike Skinner attempted on the final Streets album.

Tracks like “Circus Mullet” might fry your brain and can barely be considered music, but the harshest spaz-outs can be forgiven for the nicer moments. Definitely worth a free download, for “We Are The Kids” at least.

© Brian Banks, Editor, Music Vice

Free download link: Morbidy Obtuse via Elgin Rock City records

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