EP Review: Decade – Deck A

July 2, 2013


Title: Deck A
Artist: Decade
Record Label: Independent
Date: June 2013
In One Word: Haunting

Budding musicians are often discovered by word-of-mouth. News goes around through social media, outlets and of course within a conversation with another individual. I was tagged on Facebook to a post linking me to Decade’s newly released EP, in hopes that I would be interested in a new experimental hip-hop adventure. And let me tell you – the mellow ride will bring shivers down your spine.

Decade is a talented new duo from Toronto, Ontario. Their stage name shares the idea of its members, Dumsaint (Cameron Breithaupt) and Knamelis (Jacob Karsemeyer), having a 10-year difference in age. Even with almost exactly a decade apart (19 and 29), the duo succeeds in presenting a very unique and promising sound.

Both musicians are capable of collaborating their style to form what is to be a memorable 3-track EP. Whether you enjoy Dumsaints’ pure and humane hooks or Knamelis’ heart-warming raps – I assure that there isn’t one track off the EP that won’t guide your thoughts to a different world.

“Our EP Decade // Deck A seeks to distill a generational divide into its constituent human experiences — love, ennui, life, death, loss, drugs, etc.” – Dumsaint.

Exploring Through The Songs

1. It’ll Come

Production/Hooks: Dumsaint
Rap: Knamelis
String FX performed by Rachel May Walls

Any first song off an EP must be able to give the listener the initial “wow” factor – especially if you’re coming off as an independent artist seeking new fans and exposure.

I was walking home from working a long seven hour shift when I decided to listen to Decades’ EP Deck A – as I played their first track, “It’ll Come” and heard Dumsaint’s chorus and haunting vocals I felt goosebumps evolving throughout my body. Knamelis’ rapping is to the upmost compelling and ignores vulgar messages from what we hear with most mainstream hip-hop artists. With this, I questioned why I didn’t encounter this pair sooner.

2. Symmetry

Production: Dumsaint & Father Moth (asst. DopeeDiamondz)
Rap: Dumsaint & Knamelis
Hook: Dumsaint

With the first track off the EP being rated a solid A+ in my books, I expected the second, Symmetry, to fully blow me away. It unfortunately didn’t. The lyrics on point, production is splendid – it was just the effect they used to their voices during the raps I didn’t really get. It might just be me, but I do enjoy hearing artists rap with their real voices. Not one of my favourite tracks – but that unique and promising sound to this new generation is still present.

3. It’ll Go

Production/String Arrangement: Dumsaint
Rap: Knamelis
2nd Chorus Lead Vocal + BGs: Andie Trepanier
Violin: Rachel May Walls
Verse BGs: Katelyn Buote
Spoken word written by Dumsaint and performed by Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis

A big finish for Decade and by far my favourite track off the EP. This song has the whole package: breathtaking hooks, empowering raps and a poem being recited at the end. As a poet myself – that was the perfect ending to a haunting shiver. The body trembles through the meaning that this song portrays through the lyrics and overall production. Well done Decade!

With Knamelis having worked alongside longtime Drake producer Noah “40” Shebib and multi-platinum certified Canadian band Down With Webster and Dumsaint writing, recording and earning his music degree as a vocal major at Humber College – it isn’t a surprise that this duo has a lot to offer to its fans and potential new supporters.

I’m keeping my ears locked on this pair as I continue to click repeat and finding myself revisiting the imaginational journey with Deck A.

Here’s to patiently waiting for a full-length album.

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