Album Review: Every Avenue – Picture Perfect

November 30, 2009

Every Avenue - Picture PerfectTitle: Picture Perfect
Artist: Every Avenue
Label: Fearless Records
Released: November 2009
In one word: Abysmal

This is ugly, despicable stuff that impressionable young kids will just love and the fact it was produced by someone who’s worked with the Jonas Brothers just confirms these aforementioned suspicions.

The music is poppy and over-dramatic emo-pop dross that will no doubt find its way onto suitably tasteless radio stations far and wide. The pitch corrected robotic voice of Dave Strauchman is something you really don’t need to hear – if you can’t sing don’t do it!

Why I ask? Why does the radio neglect all the great records coming out right now and instead take Disney friendly crap like this, Necro Station, Anus Brothers and Miley Virus (even if she is hot in a facially deformed way). And you bet I’m dishing out petty insults – there’s not a smarter way to react to a record as immaturely awful as this.

It’s an absolute travesty this will sell thousands of copies to people with underdeveloped tastes when Chuck Ragan’s Gold Country won’t even make a dent in popular music.

I have four words for Dave Strauchman and co: Shut the fuck up!!

© Danny Crombie

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