Album review: General Fiasco – Unfaithfully Yours

August 13, 2012

General Fiasco - Unfaithfully YoursTitle: Unfaithfully Yours
Artist: General Fiasco
Record Label: Dirty Hit
Release Date: 30 July 2012
In One Word: Maturing

Having already matured from their 2010 debut album BuildingsGeneral Fiasco are back this year with Unfaithfully Yours. Unfaithfully Yours is more mature both musically and lyrically as Buildings conveys a sense of youthfulness where as Unfaithfully Yours is darker in comparison, but they still keep the up tempo guitar riffs and catchy choruses. The addition of a fourth member of the band, Stuart Bell, adds more depth with the addition of an extra guitar and keyboard.

The sound has been quite considerably beefed up since Buildings and this is immediately apparent in “Gold Chains” and further into the album. “Waves” is a highlight, as is my favourite track on the album “Hollows”. Both have a sense of maturity and have infectious melodies that will keep you humming for ages.

If I was to nit-pick it could be said that some of the lyrics on the album can be quite repetitive and predictable but it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a good, solid effort from the Irish four-piece.

As a far as ‘difficult second album syndrome’ goes I think this is a good, steady progression from General Fiasco and its a maturing album. It’s also an album that has something for everyone. It has faster tracks, slower tracks and just generally has something that anyone can listen to.

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