Album review: Go For The Eyes – Six Through Twelve (CMW)

March 21, 2013

Go For The Eyes - Six Through TwelveTitle: Six Through Twelve
Artist: Go For The Eyes
Record Label: Indie
Release Date: March 2013
In One Word: Intense

From the Alberta mountains has risen an album that music lovers of all genre will adore.  Six Through Twelve, the newest album from Calgary’s Go For the Eyes, is an intense collaboration of not only a southern rock sound, with a touch of Black Keys but also soul melody.

Song after song this album keeps you guessing as the genre never stays the same on any of the tracks. A musical conversation between male and female, keeping listeners intrigued to hear what’s coming next.

The bands influences of Queens of the Stone Age, Mars Volta and Artic Monkeys shine through in a subtle means, which can be caught if you listen closely. The flavour wavers but their is a kicking pulse throughout, that keeps things fresh.

With a growing fan base coast to coast, Go For The Eyes fans should enjoy this new addition to their music collection. Keep an eye open for songs such as “Can’t Quite Leave It”, and “Whatever Thrills You”, which display the abundance of melodic bliss in this six song album.

Fans should also keep their eyes peeled for Go For The Eyes at Canadian Music Week this year, they will be playing at Rancho Relaxo on Saturday March 23 at 10pm.

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