EP review: Groover von Krueger – Deus Ex Machina

May 2, 2011

Groover von Kruger - Deus Ex MachinaTitle: Deus Ex Machina
Artist: Groover von Krueger (Groover von Krüger)
Label: Independent (self-released)
Released:  February 2011
In one word: Nutty

We get a lot of weird and wonderful music sent to the Music Vice mailbox here in Toronto, and the packages from Australia are usually some of the most bizarre. In terms of the bizarre factor, this CD from Melbourne, Australia’s Groover von Krueger certainly lives up to expectations – this is a bit of a wacky, nutjob release.

The opening 10 seconds of the first track on Deus Ex Machina features some Seinfeld inspired slap bass that had me gleefully scouring the internet to watch episodes of the show. I’ve also got to believe that that bassline was an intentional nod to Jerry Seinfeld and co., along with the song’s title “Nazi on a Bike” which reminded me of the Seinfeld soup Nazi sketches. The Nazi references are meant to be a humorous non-PC stab at know-it-all’s –  here’s a sample of the lyrics: “He’s got a PHD in sociology… He’s saying your to blame for climate change, He’s know he’s always right, He’s just a Nazi on a bike.” The spoken vocal delivery, rock guitar riffs and bluesy trail-off segments immediately introduce you to the offbeat and oddball style of the band, but the song itself is really just stupid crap. It fails at both being funny or as being a song.

Much better fare is the title track, “Deus Ex Machina”, which is the only 2 minutes and 26 minutes of this EP that are really worth listening to. Perhaps if GvK stuck to making actual music like this – along with the other instrumental track, the jazzy freestyle jam “Escape Velocity” – then it’d be a different story, but as it is the rest of it is just bad bar rock. I’m a fan of weird music but this is just not very fun.

Enough of this… go watch you some Seinfeld.

© Brian Banks, Editor, Music Vice

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