Album Review: Horse the Band – Desperate Living

January 22, 2010

Title: Desperate Living
Artist: Horse The Band
Label: Vagrant (US) / Roadrunner (Australia)
Released: October 2009
In one word: Technocal

HORSE the Band; What’s up with that name? That front cover? I wish I knew but these guys are sick by any measure. How do I describe it? Well, I suppose it’s sarcastic screaming technocal (technical-Californian – see what I did there?) metal with bursts of hyper intensity but who cares about labelling everything anymore?

Each track is unrelenting, like if Sonic the Hedgehog was incorporated into that Guitarband or Rockhero shit, like Sega noises backed by Rolo Tomassi.

The lyrics in “Horse The Song”, Living at the top when you’re at the fucking bottom” is the best I’ve heard in a while, and totally relatable to this lavish-living pauper plus it’s kinda like Turbonegro don’t you think?

If you like the sound of what I’m saying you’ll be in a state of pure glee when you actually hear it. It’s on a Rollins-esque plateau of intensity and all the kids will be spazzing out and shaking their limp fists when the equine mentalists finally hit Australian shores.


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