Album review: Inlet Sound – The Romantics

October 20, 2012

Inlet Sound - The RomanticsTitle: The Romantics
Artist: Inlet Sound
Record Label: Independent
Release Date: 16 October 2012
In One Word: Calming

Ontario’s very own folk-pop group Inlet Sound, have released their new anticipated album The Romantics.

Released on October 16th, the album is calming and refreshing to hear, and reaches right up to the ranks of Mumford & Sons.

A definite tune to watch out for is “Mademoiselle” which has shown a great liking to with the fans when the video for it came out around last December. (If you have not heard it yet, check it out in the video below.)

Using an intricate level of instruments in their music, it is difficult to dislike a track. Some favorites are “Romantics I” and “Romantics II”, “Magnetic North” and “Mail-Order”. The band shows true growth and originality. Charmed by acoustic guitars, mandolins and Canadiana folk pop? Check The Romantics out, it will not disappoint. Ideal listening for the Fall season.

 © Carla Cerqueria, Music Vice

Catch Inlet Sound this Sunday, 21 October at #Soupstock in Toronto:

Inlet Sound – “Mademoiselle”:

Internet link:
Inlet Sound
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