Album review: JD and the FDCs – Recognise

November 2, 2012

JD and the FDcs - Recognise album artwork

n.b. Music Vice’s new writer Markus, a German in Canada, reports. Please bare this combination in mind to understand the somewhat broken English…

Title: Recognise
Artist: JD & The FDCs
Record Label: Delerict Records
Release Date: 2 August 2012
In One Word: Solid

JD & The FDCs is rock´n´roll made in the United Kingdom. The JD & The FDCs release Recognise as their first official debut album. Surprisingly, it does not sound like a first time record to me. The production is sound, the vocals are well-balanced with the instruments and the overall attitude fits (like the “evil” honey badger on the cover).

The explanation: the quartet is led by singer James Delerict who has been in the business since he was 20 and pulled some strings to launch Recognise and to incorporate  a number of guests from the punk/rock cosmos to appear on the tracklist. The recording of this memorable soundtrack took place in Los Angeles.

Let us talk about music! This is definitely a modern rock´n´roll album. I detect a bit of Rancid here and a lot more of the Swedish Backyard Babies (see “No Way Out”). Recognise has eleven tracks and they are all delivered on a high level. What I am missing is the JD&FDCs “AHA”-experience i.e. that one song which represents the unique style of the band, a signature…. the closest it gets is with the duet “Come Dig Me Out”.

JD & The FDCs create a blend of many shades of styles. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with a well-crafted blend. But they just tried too hard to deliver the perfect rock´n´ roll debut. In the end, Recognise is a good album, although it unfortunately lacks a distinct signature, a hallmark sound. This is definitely something for this combo to work on in the future as they have made a great start.

For all those who are out for a solid rock´n´roll buy, you can nobt go wrong with the JD & The FDCs.

© Markus Büssecker, Music Vice

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