Album review: Kat Boelskov – Divided

April 14, 2014

Kat Boelskov - DividedTitle: Divided
Artist: Kat Boelskov
Record Label: Unsigned/Indepedent
Release date:  March 2014
In One Word: Raw

The first time I listened to Danish artist Kat Boelskov’s EP, I was ready to dismiss her as a wannabe throw back to Alanis Morrissette. The opening of her song “Movies,” reminded me so much of “You Oughta Know” – from her delivery, to the talkiness… then I gave it another try. This time loading the album on to my nano and using my trusty Klipsch ear buds.

Wow, what a difference. This album is very personal – you can hear it in her delivery; the words used to emphasize her insecurity. I feel that this somehow coloured my first impression. The words really struck a chord with me; making me feel a little uncomfortable because of how true they rang. Kat Boelskov shares some of her darkest insecurities and opens up to us emotionally. Because of this, my first impression went to rehab and became a better, second impression.

Kat Boelskov describes her style “as if Electro and Jazz had a baby and named it Lilith Fair,” – clever and pretty accurate. After the second, third, fourth etc., listen I hear a lot of similarities to Ani DiFranco as well as a little bit of PJ Harvey. No doubt she has a great voice and hopefully she will work on her musicianship as there is a bit of a divide between her vocals and the music arrangements. The addition of some acoustic/electric guitar to showcase her vocals with some straight up Rock ‘n Roll and I suspect she would sound a little like Chrissie Hinde – fantastic. Overall, Divided provides a good showcase for an emerging artist.

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