Album Review: Linkin Park – LP Underground 9: Demos

January 30, 2010

Linkin Park - LP Underground 9: Demos Title: LP Underground 9: Demos
Artist: Linkin Park
Label: Warner Bros
Released: January 2010
In one word: Pointless

LPU9: DEMOS is a nine song compilation of unreleased demos by Linkin Park. Eight out of the nine songs have been heard before in their final album versions, meaning that there is only one new song here, that being “Across The Line.”

I’ll be blunt – I can’t see any point in this release. Mike Shinoda is quoted as justifying LPU9: Demos by saying, “Songs change constantly over the course of the creative process, so we thought it’d be cool to share early versions of familiar tracks… They’re snapshots of our work in progress.”

The reality is that most of these demos don’t sound very different to their finished articles. “Faint”, which is one of Linkin Park’s best known songs, just sounding like a rougher and less polished version of the finished song… but that’s pretty much exactly what a demo is, so, no surprises there, or anywhere else for that matter.

I have pretty much a total disinterest in Linkin Park, or almost anything else tagged as rap rock or nu metal. There is no ignoring the huge level of success that Linkin Park had in the early 2000s but I think its fair to say the band dropped off of most people’s radars a long time ago. Of course, Linkin Park have maintained some kind of a following and this CD is nothing more than an attempted cash-grab aimed at them. This is such a nothing release that should only be considered by the absolute die-hard fan and completist.

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