Album review: Mak – Mak

April 30, 2012

Mak - Mak album artworkTitle: Mak
Artist: Mak
Label: L-A be
Released: 10 January 2012
In One Word: Linear

Mak, a five year old band have now come out with their new and first self-titled album, Mak. My first impression? “oooOOoooh.” My second impression? Why the Ooh?”

I never seem to trust if bands are sincere with their darkness or if it’s a put on to appear deep. I guess everyone has their own linear expression of what their version of depth is. I think Mak is on one linear expression. As a third party listening to their music, it makes me feel very sad. Singer Jesse Mac Cormack sings with a gentle and soothing voice. Slightly withdrawn. Nice guy vibe. It’s something about the relationship between singer and music that makes the sadness.

I understand that Kurt Vile and Daniel Johnston are very sad people too, but somehow I don’t really care about their sadness (to me it sounds like it’s really just anger for a feeling of entitlement unsatisfied). Mak’s got vibes. And it’s not about justice. It sounds more like appreciation for all bands they love. I’m guessing Radiohead, Portishead, Pink Floyd, James Blake… and the influence of Montreal?

Is there a label yet for this type of sounding music that comes out Montreal, that I’m not aware of? Please let me know! If I had to describe to a friend who wasn’t familiar with Patrick Watson or Arcade Fire, I would be stumped. I would say, “You know, it sounds like Monteal music!” Do you know what I mean? I’m gonna go and label it Montreal music and assume you know what I mean by that musical influence… C’est le son de la tempérance des Monréaliens?

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