Album Review: Matterhorn – Volume 2: …And It Will Resolve Itself Without Him

February 21, 2014

Matterhorn  - Vol. 2. ...And It Will Resolve Itself Without HimTitle: Vol. 2 …And It Will Resolve Itself Without Him
Artist: Matterhorn
Record Label: Thinker Thought Records
Date: February 2014
In One Word: Apocalyptic

Picking up where Vol. 1: The World Began without Man… left off, this Colorado trio of heavy rockers take listeners on a journey through what they’ve conceptualized as the end of mankind through volcanic eruption. In the six track follow up, Vol. 2: …And It Will Resolve Itself Without Him, the bleak and devoid future of mankind continues in a series of theatrical and instrumental songs.

The first track, “Stage Six: The Engines of Creations”, clocks in at 10:30 minutes long. It starts off slow, easing listeners back into the apocalyptic story before launching into some serious face-melting (excuse the pun) instrumentals.

While the album is incredibly heavy with pounding drumbeats and raucous guitar riffs, it certainly does not lack the emotion involved with the subject matter of their concept material. There is a beautiful emotive piece, “Stage Ten: Heartbeat of a Mechanical World” that serves as a buffer between the heavier tracks. Involving little more than overlapping melodies on acoustic guitars, the song is the “calm before the storm”. The storm being the final track of the album, “Final Stage: 6.61 x 10^25 Kg”.

Each song tells a bit of the story, and because there are no vocals, listeners have the chance to imagine the story in whatever way they want to. Matterhorn lets the music do the talking for them, providing us with a wrenching story of global catastrophe that mankind doesn’t make it out from.

My only critique on a personal level is that while I love concept albums and the storytelling behind it, I feel as though the tracks should flow. Each track is brilliant in its own right, with raw power and emotion behind it to be able to capture the story. However, while listening to it, the track changes are almost too violently different. There is an ebb and flow at the end of some tracks that could bleed through into the next track and still be powerful to make it all feel like one event.

That being said, Matterhorn’s follow up is the best kind of disaster, with some of the most interesting metal instrumentals. To think they left human civilization on the brink of destruction for three years between albums, but it was worth the wait.

To get the full effect of the apocalyptic disaster, listen to the two companion pieces together, both available for digital download.

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  1. Brian Banks on February 21, 2014 at 11:45 am

    Watch the world news on mute while listening to this.

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