Album Review: Mutiny Within – Mutiny Within

March 25, 2010

Mutiny Within eponymous first album artworkTitle: Mutiny Within
Artist: Mutiny Within
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 26 April 2010
In One Word: Wavering

First of all I should warn you that I just had a tooth pulled out and I’m in quite a lot of pain, while my face has swollen up like the elephant man, so I apologies if my demeanour isn’t as pleasant, nor I as eloquent, as usual.

US band Mutiny Within’s debut album of the same moniker seems like it’ll appeal to fans all throughout the metal spectrum , as has been already so well displayed in tracks “Awake” and “Images”  with a well sculpted ability to make convincing high-pitched metal a la Dragonforce or Aussie favourites Lord. They also manage to hit the lower notes with some severe use of double bass to add to a bit crashing thrash, just slotted around the softer moments where they show off a penchant for poppy melodies which will go down well with younger fans. There’s also something for the guitar wankers out there with some facemelting bullshit throughout most of the album.

As good as this all sounds it does feel a bit metal by numbers and lacking in a single identity; don’t get me wrong as it is a very good debut album and the production is excellent but lacks direction and feels like slightly over ambitious for album one.

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