Album Review: Niagara & The Hitmen – St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

December 3, 2009

Niagara & The Hitmen - St. Valentine's Day MassacreTitle: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Artist: Niagara & The Hitmen
Label: Steel Cage Records
Released: November 2009
In one word: Iffy

I just felt the need to write about this record for some reason, firstly because of Niagara’s links with the late Ron Asheton of the Stooges and also the fact I always see her screen prints in a shop around the corner from me (in Melbourne) all the time.

Iggy must be pretty bored at the amount of people who have ridden on his coat-tails (or would that be his ripped jeans?) over the years like the Sex Pistols, Bowie, Rollins and a generation of musicians more but if I was him I wouldn’t be able to stand this woman.

Most of her set consists of Stooges songs, which are played well but what sets her apart from a local covers band really? Her voice is so ugly and at times I’m unable to listen to it, the only appeal with her is the fact she knew Ron Asheton.

The Hitmen on the other hand are not due for such a slagging off, the musical section of the band is excellent and can’t be put down one bit. Any band featuring a member of Radio Birdman (yet another Iggy-jeans-rider) can’t be bad at all and their bonus tracks are excellent.

I can’t decide whether I like this record or not, with the uncertainty coming from my disdain for Niagara but my liking of The Hitmen. I’ll give it another go in a while.

© Danny Crombie

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