Album review: Oberhofer – Time Capsules II

April 2, 2012

Oberhofer - Time Capsules IITitle: Time Capsules II
Artist: Oberhofer
Label: Universal Music Canada
Released: 26 March 2012
In One Word: Bright

Oberhofer are an indie band with an unfortunate name. Front man and primary songwriter, Brad Oberhofer is the band’s eponym. I get the reason behind the name but it’s not as listener friendly as say, the Ramones. When I hear the name I think of a German Industrial Rock band like Rammstein. This band and their music is so far from that; very pop rock oriented with jangly guitars on tracks like “Gold”, “I Could Go”, and “Cruising FDR”.  Patrick Watson – like piano licks on “Heart” and catchy chorus lines throughout, that bring to mind that band with the listener-friendly name- the Ramones. Interestingly enough, Time Capsules II has a song called “oOoO” which makes sense because many of the songs on this album have different variations of “Whoa O ohh ohh oO”, as Brad likes to elongate his “O”s when singing his lyrics. After about the third listen some the tracks tend to blur into one another because of this. Not necessarily a bad thing but something Oberhofer should pay attention to on their next release.

This is a fun album. I took it out for a spin in my car for the third listen and I like its happy, sunshiny quality. Brad Oberhofer has a fine voice – part Gene Ween and part Joey Ramone. I believe this band will have a bright future; especially when they change their name.

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One Response to Album review: Oberhofer – Time Capsules II

  1. Rachel on April 2, 2012 at 10:01 pm

    Oberhofer is playing April 2nd at 7th Street Entry in Minnesota and I am even more stoked to go after reading this review! love it

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