Album Review: Paper Arms – Days Above Ground

May 3, 2010

Paper Arms - Days Above GroundTitle: Days Above Ground
Artist: Paper Arms
Label: Poison City Records
Released: April 2010
In one word: Mature

If you’re into emotive punk bands on the poppier side of the spectrum like AFI or Jimmy Eat World then you’ll love this shit. There’s also a bit of a Glassjaw sound on the track “Above Ground”, while in other places it thumps like a motherfucker in “Chances”.

This Adelaide band’s debut album is an incredibly musically mature record that has the ability to become very big if they seek that goal; it’s certainly a cut above a lot of the crap that’s doing the rounds right now. Worth considering, especially for anyone in South Australia looking to support a local band.

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One Response to Album Review: Paper Arms – Days Above Ground

  1. Michael Bowser on May 6, 2010 at 4:25 am

    South Australia has people who are into LIVE MUSIC?! The poor, sorry bastards, heh heh…

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